Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb 2oth deals...

We opened a box of fruit snacks today and we were an instant winner! We won a $ 5.00 Discover gift card!! I love it!

Feb 2oth deals...

I'M DONE WITH THIS SALE!!! I AM STOCKED UP! My coupons came this afternoon, so I picked up my last 40 cans of soup. (They don't expire for 2 years) I figure we eat soup & sandwiches twice a month/4 cans a month, so I have at least a year 1/2 worth of soup now!

40 cans of progresso soup

Total Spent= $ 13.60
Total savings= $ 119.29

Feb 2oth deals...

I think this was my last trip to Albertson's (except I'll have to get my soup after my coupons arrive. I bought 20 coupons off E bay, so when they come, I'll make 1 more trip!) I'm really stocked up now, I was before, but we go through stuff so fast and the expiration dates last for a long time, so I couldn't help myself!
This morning I bought:

* 6 boxes of supreme brownies
* 4 boxes of lemon squares
* 5 boxes of granola bars
* 5 boxes of fruit snacks
* 5 bags of chex mix
* 3 toaster strudels
* 2 warm delights

Total Spent= $ 11.50 (still have a 10.00 catalina)
Total Savings=$ 81.57

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feb 19th deals...

I made another Albertson's trip to get my 12 FREE cans of Progresso soup!!!! And free fruit snacks!! ( I made .50 to take home 6 boxes of fruit snacks! My store had $ 1.00 off /2 coupons, so i used 3 of those and then recieved a $ 3.50 coupon at the end!)
(for the soup coupons: go to, scroll to the post titled: Printables Galore! and you can print them from there. Make sure to print 2 of each coupon) And I picked up 2 boxes of lemon bars. (That was almost $ 36.00 worth of FREE soup!! Who can spend full price on anything???)

Total Spent= $ 3.54 (tax included. Does anyone else hate tax???)
Total savings= $ 53.60

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 18th deals...

I went to Albertson's again this afternoon to help Annikan get her deals & had to pick up a few more things! I bought:
69 cans of Grands bisquits
(I have a lot of friends who don't coupon
who will love me for getting them some & the Rescue Mission)
4 Progresso soups
6 brownie mixes
1 cake mix

Total Spent= $ 10.53 (I still have a $ 10.00 catalina too!)
Total Savings= $ 217.64

Feb 18th deals...

*** JUST A LITTLE TIP: If there are items you want to stock up on, go to E bay soon, and buy 10-20 of the coupons you want, they should be here before the sale ends and then you can get more deals! I bought 20 Progresso soup coupons off E bay yesterday because I need to stock up on my year supply of soup***

What a beautiful trip to Albertson's this morning! The deal going on right now is- buy 10 participating items/receive a $ 10.00 coupon good on your next purchase! The awesome thing about Albertson's, is that you can use the $ 10.00 off coupon you just received, on your next transaction! (You don't have to leave the store and come back to do another transaction- you just seperate your 10 items, buy those, grab your coupon, put your next 10 items up, use your $ 10.00 off coupon, pay for that, etc... I did 9 transactions and used my $ 10.00 off coupon for each one. Then, on your last transaction, you still receive another $ 10.00 coupon to use later! it's wonderful!!! The totals for these deals are after you factor in the $ 10.00 coupon- so... this is what I bought:

20 cans of Progresso soup (used 10 .50/2 manufactured coupons= .25 each)
18 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks (used .50/2 manufactured & .75/3 printables & recieved $ 3.50 coupon for every 5 I bought) =.25 each
30 cans of PillsburyGrands bisquits (used 10 .75/3 coupons)= FREE
10 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mixes (No coupons needed.) =.25 each
5 Betty Crocker cookie pouches (used 5 .50 off coupons) = .17 each
5 tubs of Betty Crocker frosting (used 5 .50 off manufactured coupons) = .17 each
2 boxes of Supreme Brownies (used 1 .50/2 manufactured coupon) = .75 each

Total Spent= $ 12.05
Total savings= $ 207.68

Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 16th deals...

***JUST A NOTE... I don't to mis lead anyone about the K-mart deal I did last night. Just so you know, it is VERY rare that a store will pay you in cash, normally if OVERAGE is earned, it goes toward your other purchases. Also, I did not do this deal, knowing/expecting to recieve any $ back. I thought they were .99 each. I did know, however, that I would make .20 overage (.01 for each bottle & I picked up 20), which is why I bought a candy bar as my "filler item", so I wouldn't come out ahead, but I had no idea, they were actually .50 each instead, causing me to go -$ 8.69. But after the manager looked it over, and okayed the transaction, it was fine. I just wanted to clarify for those of you just starting out: don't expect to recieve $ back from a store. Like I mentioned before, if you do receive OVERAGE, it will be applied to your other items, I hope that helps!***

We stopped by Target tonight to let Daisy pick out a present with some of her B-day money. I picked up 4 goldfish for .16 each (using 2 $ 1.00/2 manufactured coupons & 4 Target printable coupons) 1 bag of Stacy's pita chips for $ 1.00 after using my $ 1.50 off manufactured coupon & 1 barbie movie.
Total Spent= .86 (after gift card)
Total savings = $ 12.75

Then we went to K Mart so I could pick up some FREE Sunsilk conditioner (they are .99 each and I used 10 $ 2.00/2 manufactured coupons. After she was done ringing me up it showed
- $ 8.69. I looked closer and saw that the conditioner rang up at .50 instead, I tried explaining, but she couldn't figure it out, so she called the manager over, she looked it over and said, "Yes, give her $ 8.69 back." Well, fine by me! 20 FREE bottles of conditioner, a FREE Twix candy bar & $ 8.69 in CASH BACK!!! It was a great night (that never happens by the way, but the manager okayed it, they will get their $ 20.00 reinbursment back from the coupons, so its a win/win!!!)

Total Spent= 0 ( RECIEVED $ 8.69 IN CASH BACK!!!!)
Total Savings= $ 20.47

Feb 16th deals...

JUST A NOTE: The 2 pack Lysol's are on sale for $3.99 or $ 2.00, all you need for this deal is the $ 2.00 off Lysol manufactured coupon. You will pay $ 1.99 or 0 (you'll have to pay tax) This isn't apart of the B1G1 FREE deal going on at the same time. I will try to be more clear in my posts!

I had to go back out to the other Walgreens to see if they had any more Lysol 2 packs, and they did! I went up with 3 of them, 2 blue cans and 1 yellow can- I noticed that one of them rang up for $ 2.00, I asked the cashier and she said the yellow cans were clearanced! Well, alrighty! FREE Lysol is even better!! I put the blue ones back and picked up 2 more yellow cans. I paid .36 for 3 packages! I went back later and picked up 1 more for 1.99. (they were out of the 2 pack yellow ones, although they had single cans, I still wonder if those would ring up $2.00 or not, but I have enough, so I'll let someone else get that deal!) Use your $ 2.00 off manufactured coupon for this deal!

Next I went to Walmart and picked up my last 6 FREE Kotex! Thank Heaven I am done with those coupons! I had 55 of them, so over the past month I've grabbed a handful every time I went to Walmart, I am happily done!

Total Spent= $ 2.84 (including tax)
Total savings= $ 25.17

Feb 16th deals...

This morning I stopped at Target & Walgreen's. I was SUPER disappointed with Target's Valentines clearanced stuff. They had everything at 50% off, except for the candy, it was only 30%. I even asked the guy and he said, "nope, the candy is only 30%. That was the only reason I drug myself out of bed was to get some Twix, which I've been craving (and I didn't even see any!), oh well, I saved money right? At Target I did pick up:

8 First aid kits =.97 each (used $ 1.00 manufactured coupon)= FREE/.03 OVERAGE
1 package of Dentex flossers for the kids = $ 2.59 (used $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)= $ 1.59
1 pack of 10 count kids socks= $ 1.51 (clearanced)
1 pack of salt/pepper= .99
1 pack of lightbulbs= $ 1.14
Total Spent = 0 (used gift card)
Total Savings= $ 14.83


2 packs of Lysol/wipes= $ 3.99 (used 2/$ 2.00 off manufactured coupons) = $ 1.99 each
1 gallon of Viva milk= $ 2.99
1 carrot chapstick= FREE/.14 OVERAGE (used 2 printable coupons.)
Total Spent= $ 1.50 (after coupons/RR)
Total Savings= $ 14.60

Total Spent= $ 1.50
Total savings= $ 29.43