Friday, February 6, 2009

An unexpected rebate!!

Last month I bought 4 boxes of the Flinstone vitamins at Walgreens. I spent $ 17.20, but recieved a $ 10.00 RR ( I thought $ 1.50 a box was a great price!), but then a few days later, I noticed a rebate form on the products in the Sunday paper inserts, so I sent in my UPCS, and waited a few weeks. I just got it in the mail and it is for $ 8.00!! ( I didn't know how much I was getting back, it just said something like save 50%) I'm so happy that I got FREE vitamins and then made .80 OVERAGE!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb 5th deals...

So, my friends and I went out this afternoon to 3 of our Albertsons to get some more deals. (And yes, I'm sick of shopping, I've made 5 trips already today!) This is several transactions, but I got: 8 more boxes of soap, 8 more bags of goldfish, 2 chocolate milks, 2 shaving gels, 1 2 pack kids toothbrush, 1 crunch & munch, & 12 bags of rice cakes.
Total Spent= $ 9.71 (tax included)
Total Savings= $ 109.67

Just can't get enough...

Here's a few up close. I know it doesn't excite anyone else, but I LOVE going back in this room, it just cheers me up. I wish it was 5 times the size, so I could have all my stuff together, but it works (and so does the tops of closets, out in the shed and other places)

My new shelves!

My husband is wonderful! The other day he put 4 more shelves up in the pantry and I LOVE THEM!!! I knew we could utilize the space better if we had shelves ceiling to floor, so I picked up all the supplies and he went to town putting them up for me! Who knew I could rearrange everything and get more space out of that little room! I'm in Heaven!( And I could use about 10 more!!) But I'm SO THANKFUL!!! Thanks babe!

Feb 5th deals...

I went to both my Albertsons again this morning after dropping Tristin off at school. I grabbed a paper from our neighbors house that moved awhile ago and there were Albertson's double coupons in it! And then when I got to the store, I asked for 1 at the desk. I was able to do 2 transactions! I picked up 8 more boxes of Dove soap (I have 21 now! yeah for laundry detergent!!) And then when I went to the other store, I was putting the girls in those GINORMOUS butterfly carts anf there just happened to be an ad in there too! So I did 2 tranactions at that store! I picked up: 2 more FREE bottles of Lorel kids shampoo (took a survey and was able to print 2 coupons. Go to crazycouponlady.blogspot for the link), 4 bottles of strawberry milk for FREE after all the coupons, 3 bags of rice cakes for FREE after coupons, & 1 tube of kids toothpaste for .30!

Total Spent= $ 4.06
Total Savings= $74.79

I'm trying really hard...

When I started this blog, it was just for me to keep track of my savings, but now that a few people are checking it often, I have to remember to post what coupon I used, where I bought it etc... I'm just apologizing for the posts that I forget, because I never thought anyone would want to look at it. I'm thrilled that you are, and if I can help in ANY way, let me know, just forgive me when I forget to post important info! I hope this is helping someone! And I am a contributor at, which is an awesome blog if you need help with more deals!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb 4th deals...

So, I've been to Albertson's 6 different times today, but there are some great deals, if you don't mind making a billion trips. The reason for all the trips is because people were stealing all the ads last time for the double coupons, so now they are keeping them behind the counter and only giving you 1 per trip. Anyway, I went out with Tammy & Annikan tonight and picked up a few more things until midnight! I bought 4 more boxes of soap for .33 a box, picked up 5 Huggies Cleanteam wipes for .29 each, got 2 FREE bottles of kids Loreal shampoo (Thanks for the site Heather!), 4 bottles of FREE strawberry milk & 1 bottle of Cinnimon/Vanilla Coffee mate for .17 (for my hot chocolate!)

Total Spent= $ 1.33 ( I had a $ 2.66 return and used that toward my total)
Total Savings= $ 47.20

Feb 4th deals...

I LOVE Albertson's double coupon weeks! They never do it, but this week they are (and last month they did)This afternoon, I got 9 boxes (6 bars in each) of Dove soap for .33 each!, 2 cans of Manwich for .50 each, 1 box of Quaker Simply Delights for .50, 4 FREE bags of Quaker rice cakes & 2 bags of Alfredo noodles for .25 each. I went to both of our Albertson for this these transactions. (At my store, they'll let you do a few, where the other store limited it to 1)
Total Spent= $ 5.98
Total savings= $ 70.06

This morning I stopped at Albertsons and picked up: 2 bags of Tator Tots for .99 each, 8 bags of goldfish crackers for .50 each, 4 Pizza Rolls for .30 each (could not use my internet coupon on these, says Do not double or triple, and my cashier wouldn't take them so I used my .35 Manufactured ones instead), 4 boxes of Macaroni Grill dinners for $ 1.50 each and a bag of Tyson frozen chicken breasts for .99!

Total Spent = $ 15.59
Total savings= $ 53.24

Feb 2nd deals...

Today I got 10 more packs of wipes at Wal Mart (made .30 overage), 2 FREE newspapers at the gas station near my house, FREE hairspray (will make $ 1.oo overage after rebate) and .99 clinical deodorant at Walgreens (after $ 5.00 RR)

Total Spent = 0 made .35 overage (after rebate & RR)
Total savings= $ 20.99

Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Savings= $ 3,172.66

All I can say is, WHAT AN AWESOME month January was! I saved almost $ 3,200 dollars and can hardly believe it! Granted, I did spent almost $ 400.00 more than usual, but with all the after Christmas sales, Old Navy clothes for SUPER cheap, plus Albertsons AMAZING deals, I couldn't pass them up! I even spent my birthday $ on diapers, wipes, medicine, water, toilet paper & paper towels, AND LOVED IT!! That's all I wanted! I didn't even want to go out for dinner because I knew I could use that money on more deals!
I did spend a lot up front, but I saved my family thousands of dollars, and I feel great knowing we are even more stocked up & prepared on a TON of things we need & use everyday! Lets see what Febuary brings...

Jan 31st deals...

I made .27 overage on this! Gotta love FREE!
total Spent= . 74 (tax)
Total Savings= $ 17.00
So, I couldn't get my coupons to print, but I went ahead and grabbed a few more. I completely adore pizza, so I was willing to spend $ 3.00 for one!

Total Spent= $ 13.34
Total Savings= $ 22.14