Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 26th deals...

I found 5 more Snuggle coupons awhile back, so I used them up the other day. Target had Snuggle sheets last week(105 ct. Sweet Almond scent) on clearance for $ 3.73- so I picked one up to try. The rest I got for FREE the other night at Fred Meyer using the in store coupon ($2.99 each) + the $ 3.oo off manufactured coupon. Chocolate chips were .99 each at Fred Meyer after using .50 off manufactured coupon + Albertsons double coupon.

* NOTE... Fred Meyer in Nampa will only let you use a total of 2 Albertson's double coupons, and they can only be up to .50 off coupons. (Goofy, I know, but better than nothing I guess!)

Total Spent= $ 5.79
Total savings= $ 16.00

October 23rd deals..

Last week I was able to profit $ 10.00 from buying Zantac at walgreens. After using the $ 5.oo internet printable coupon, I made 5 dollars on each box. I did 2 transactions and then used the $10.00 in RR's to buy my sons Halloween costume & candy!
2- Sure deodorant= FREE (after using in store coupon and $ 1.50 manufactured coupon)

2 Tree top Trim juices= .50 each (at Fred Meyer. Use in store coupon & $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)

2- Zantac= $ 10.00 money maker

Total Spent= .84

Total savings= $27.57