Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jan 24th deals...

We went to Walgreens after Albertsons and picked up a few more packs of gum. .33 is great, so I grabbed 9 more. We're set for awhile!
Total Spent= $ 3.66 (it was .30 more than yesterdays, oh well)
Total Savings= $ 8.31

jan 24th deals...

Today Albertson's is giving away FREE pop, so I took the kids out early this morning to see if we could get a few, I was thrilled when they were handing out 20 coupons to each person!! We drove to our other store was were able to get 5 there, so we got 25 FREE bottles of pop today! Plus 2 loaves of FREE french bread.

Total Spent= $ 1.50 (tax)
Total savings= $ 28.38

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan 23rd deals...

Today we enjoyed a FREE lunch! Trav & I had Subway and the girls had Mc Donalds.

Total Spent= 0
Total savings = $ 8.79 (used gift cards)

Jan 23rd deals...

(Sorry, no picture)
I signed Daisy up for Ballet yesterday and we went out this morning to find a leotard (I don't know how to spell it). We went to Goodwill first and guess what? The ONLY one they had for sale, that I could find, was a pink one, size 4 and it was 1/2 off! How much better does that get? The color she wanted, her size and super cheap!! I was off to Target to buy one for $ 12.99!
$ 1.06 was fine by me!

Total Spent= $ 1.06
Total Savings= $ 11.71

Jan 23rd deals...

I was happy with my purchases today. After going to a few Walgreens, I found the Extra gum. (Good thing we have a few here in town!) They were .33 a pack. I bought 15 of them! I saved almost $ 13.00 just on those! I was able to price match the yogurt at WalMart, and after my coupon, they were .50 each (I REALLY like this yogurt, it's all I but now.)and I got 11 packs of wipes. 1 was free and the others were .02 a pack.
Total Spent= $ 7.95
Total Savings= $ 28.73

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jan 21st deals...

There is a great coupon at for bath & Body Works. When you buy ANY item, you get one FREE. I bought a $ 1.00 Shampoo and got the big body wash for FREE. Daisy bought the $ 1.50 hand sanitizer and got the body spray for FREE. So, for $ 2.65, we walked away with these! I was happy, I love this stuff!
Total Spent= $ 2.65
Total Savings= $ 22.50

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jan 19th deals...

After work today, I stopped at several Wal Marts and picked up lotion! (I hate clearing the shelf, so I always stop at several stores so I leave some for others.) I got 40 bottles and they are perfect for the care packages I'm putting together for the Mission Home & the Nursing home near my house! Yeah! And I have 15 more coupons to send to my Mom who helps out at the Battered Women's Shelter in Washington.

Total Spent= $ 1.76 (Tax)
Total Savings= $ 41.12

Jan 17th deals...

My friend at the gas station lets me pick up any left over coupons on Saturday night, and last week I scored! (There were 55 newspapers left! I have never seen that many before! The week before I got 4, so it was great!) I was really happy about the $ 1.00 off suave lotion coupon and even bought some off E bay and sent them to my Mom (She helps out at the Battered Women's Shelter and thought those would be great for the ladies & kids) Now I have even more to send her! I was so happy!

Total Spent= 0
total Savings= $ 55.00