Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't shop at Walgreens at 4:00 AM!

I decided to go to Walgreens this morning at 4:oo AM because I couldn't sleep, and naturally, I had a super-fabulous shopping experience that I had to share...

Tranaction # 1= Glucose monitor

Problem: Checker didn't know how to use the manufactured coupon. Calls manager over.
He tells her to write $ 14.99 on the coupon and deduct the amount.

Good news: I recieve My $ 5.00 RR

Transaction # 2= Nivia body wash & high lighter

Problem: The highlighter rings up at the wrong clearanced price. Checker calls manager over.

Good news: manager tells her correct price, checker fixes the problem and I recieve my next $ 5.00 RR

Transaction # 3= 2 packages of Pull Ups

Problem # 1: The Catalina machine jams and checker cannot fix the problem.
Problem # 2:Then she informs me that if I have other items with RR's, I will not be able to get them because it is jammed. Nicely I ask, " Can we use another register then?" Irrated, she calls over the manager, AGAIN and tells him it won't print.
Problem # 3: The manager looks at my diapers & manufactured coupons and says, " It won't print because you can't use manufactured coupons and get a RR back." SERIOULSLY!! I'm thinking! I nicely say, " But I used a coupon for the moniter and my RR printed just fine. And that's not even the problem, it's the machine, it is jammed, can we use a different one?"
Problem # 4:He said "No." but unjams the machine and then continued to tell me I needed to buy another item if I wanted it to work. Looking at my coupons, I realized, I forget to grab another highlighter as my filler (so I could use all my coupons/RR's, because I was rolling them ) MY MISTAKE!!.So I apoligized and said, "Well, lets just ring up another highlighter then.
Problem # 5: Someone comes up behind me in line.
Problem # 6: The highlighter rings up at the wrong price again. Manager helps her and then walks away.
Problem # 7: The manager lied to me about opening another register because he says to the guy behind me, " I can help you over on this register?"
Problem # 8: The checker then looks at me and says, I can't use that (my RR, that wouldn't work previous to them adding the highlighter), "Will you try now? I asked nicely. Magically, IT WORKED! I recieved my $ 2.00 RR

Transaction # 4: 3 Suave hair products. Used manufactured coupon & recieved my $ 2.00 RR

Seriously, could it have been any more difficult????????? The checker was getting all huffy & puffy and She even asked the manager half way through, "Can't I ring up all these in 1 transaction?" What else was she doing at 4:00 in the morning? Really??? I thanked them both for helping me and kindly walked out of the store. GRRRR....

( I can't find my reciept, but this is super close..)

Total Spent= $ 7.75 after coupons & RR's)
Total savings= $ 37.23