Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 28th deals...

My ebay coupons came today so I picked up 25 boxes of cereal, oatmeal & granola bars for .40 a box. (They didn't have the flavors I wanted, but I'll exchange them later when they have them back in stock.)I spent $ 2.70 for my coupons and they saved me $ 15.00, yes it's worth it to buy coupons!

Total Spent= $ 11.19
Total savings= $ 94.25

Oct. 27th deals...

Today was the first day of the Quaker sale at Albertson's, so I printed 4 $ 1.00/1 printable coupons, and got 5 boxed of oatmeal for .20 each.
I also went to Target and picked up a few clearanced items, boys underware for $ 2.24 (6 pack sz. small, they had a TON left at the Nampa store)set of Pjs, for $ 3.98, leggings for $ 1.00, socks & knee highs for $ 1.24 (2 pack)
I also went to old Navy to use my $ 10.00 coupon and picked up the dress I've been coveting, I only paid $ 2.50 for it! And I picked up Valentines socks for .24 each for the girls to give away in their valentine treat bags.
(I don't have my reciepts right now)

Total Spent= $ approx 17.56
Total savings= $ 93.71

Jan 26th deals...

I used my .20 off gas points at Albertsons and saved $ 3.60!

I got a FREE can of formula from Walgreens using my $ 5.00 off Enfamil coupon that came in the mail. I saved $ 4.99

I also cut Trav's hair tonight! I saved us $ 12.00!

(Its a long story, but about 7 years ago I attempted to cut his hair. # 1, it was WAY too long and I was using the clippers, which scare the cr*p out of me, and I got a little carried away shaving off clumps of his hair. so after about 3 seconds into it I said, " Oh, oh." Let me tell you, no half naked man in the bath tub wants to hear his wife say those 2 words while holding the clippers that are shaving his hair off! So, I called my neighbor to help fix the damage I had done, she came right over, assessed the horrible job and had him looking hot in no time! (she used sissors, not the scary clippers.) Anyway, I've been cutting Tristin's hair for about 6 years now and every once in awhile I would ask Trav if he wanted me to "try agian", but he always kindly said, "No thanks, I'll go get it cut." I wasn't too offended, I just hated him spending $ 12.00!!! to get one. So last week he asked if I wanted to cut his hair and I said, "Sure, if I can use sissors!" So, to make a long story long- I DID IT, and he LIKED it! I'm great without the clippers, anyone need a hair cut???