Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11th deals...

I stopped at Albertson's to get a few things on sale. I bought 2 things of ice cream for $ 1.39 w/ in store coupon, hot dogs .99 w/ instore coupon, grapes for .99 a pound, hot dog buns & sour cream (no picture) and Walgreens to use my last coupons for shampoo & gel, the socks were .50

Albertsons Total = $ 8.37
Savings= $ 6.59

Walgreens Total = $ 1.04 (used gift card)
Total savings= $ 12.00

Total spent= $ 8.37
Total savings= $ 18.59

Check out the other blogs!

I've added some buttons to other blogs that I really enjoy. Most of them out line all the deals around town, which is why I don't on my blog. I already contribute at Krazycouponlady, so I didn't want to double what I'm already doing over there (who has the time to blog for hours every day, anyway?) So, for all the deals, check out the other blogs, to just see mine, check back here!

Zero computer skills...

Lets just say my computer skills are practically zero which has made blogging frustrating because I've never known how to make mine cute or add things to it. I sat down for a few hours determined to figure it out, so I'm proud of what I've done so far! I'm learning!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random deals...

Over the past week & a 1/2, I've received 8 free news papers and saved $ 6.54 on lunch.

Total Spent= $ 4.24
Total Savings= 13.39

March 10th deals...

I always buy my bread at the dollar store. I LOVE Oroweat and they sell them for $ 1.25 each. They are $ 3.29 normally.

Total spent= $ 6.63
Total Savings = $ 10.20

March 10th deals...

Before going to work, I stopped by Walgreens to pick up my FREE Garnier Fructis hair products. They were on sale for $ 2.99 each so I used 9 $ 1.00 off manufactured coupons and the Easy Saver catalog (which had $ 2.00 off coupons in them making them FREE)I also needed a filler item, so I grabbed some candy clearanced to .57

Total Spent= $ 2.15
Total savings= $ 33.27

March 9th deals...

I had to work yesterday, so I stopped at a few Walgreens in Boise to try to get my Huggies. After a few trips, I got them! I bought 1 pack of newborn diapers, 2 packs of sz. 1, 2 packs of sz. 2 & 1 pack of sz. 4. I used 4 $ 5.00 off internet coupons & 2 $ 3.00 off internet coupons & received $ 20.00 back in RR's (After coupons & RR's, I spent $ 1.66 for 3 packs & $ 3.00 for the other 3 packs!

Total Spent= 17.60
Total Savings= $ 32.44

March 9th deals...

Last week I ordered 100 business cards from Market Splash using the internet code. They were completely FREE, plus shipping too! I would have paid at least $ 25.00 for these. They turned out really cute too!

Total Spent= $ 0
Total savings= $ 25.00

March 7th deals...

My brother & I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday. I used my coupon and got 100 tokens for $ 15.00.

Total Spent= $ 15.00
Total Savings= $ 10.00

March 6th deals...

Yes, I splurged when my brother was in town. We stopped by Krispy Kreme and I used my 1/2 off coupon there. I got a dozen donuts for $ 3.50!

Total Spent= $ 3.71
Total Savings= $ 3.49

March 6th deals...

I received a $ 10,00 off coupon for Old navy last week, so when my brother was in town, we stopped buy to use my FREE money! I found this dress for Daisy which I completely adored!

Total Spent= $ 6.89
Total savings= $ 10.00