Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan. 26th deals...

I had to grab some paper at michaels'becuase it was only $ 3.99 & 2.99 each! They were normally $ 19.99 & $ 12.99 each. Plus- it's one of my favorites!

2- huge packs of paper= $ 3.99 each
1- pack of cardstock= $ 2.99
6- mustards= .09 each (at Target)
2- Rimmell eye shadow= FREE (at Target)

Total savings= $ 53.98

Jan. 26th deals...

I was thrilled to see Michael's had their Christmas grab bags for $ 2.00!!! Almost all the boxeswere filled with fake poinsettas, and old G-ma christmas stuff, but there were a few boxes with more kid friendly stuff in them. I only grabbed 1 because I found super cheap card stock I wanted too!There were 64 items in the box and would have cost $ 109.76!

64 items= .03 each

Total savings= $ 107.76

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I needed white pasta sauce SO bad- I was completely out and at the rate we go through it, I knew I had a grab a few. Not the greatest deal, but a $ 1.00 each is ok. I was desprete! I also saved my catalinas and used them on diapers!

10 Ragu sauce= $ 1.00 each
1- box Huggies diapers(82 ct)= $ 2.99 (on sale for $ 14.99 + I used a $ 3.00 Huggies printable and $ 9.00 in catalinas.)

Total Savings= $ 43.60

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan 25th deals...

Last week we got a post card/coupon for a FREE car wash at the new Metro Carwash down town. I was SOOOOOO happy because the poor van has needed a wash for MONTHS! Their vaccuumes were incredible too! Loved it! The older girls thought it was super awesome, but poor Willow cried most of the time, it broke my heart- that place can be pretty scary & loud!

Total Savings= $ 6.00

Jan 25th deals...

Travis adores these for his lunch at work, so every once inawhile I'll pick them up. They are usually a full meal for him, so when they are under $ 2.00, I grab a few. At Fred Meyer I picked up: (and I couldn't find the ecoupon, darn it. I printed some for the steamers, but never found the other's!)

6- Marie Cal.= 6 for $ 9.00 Or $ 1.50 each (used 1 $ 1.00 off steamer)
4- packs of Extra gum= .04 each (used .75 printable)

Total Savings= $ 10.50

(I will print the other coupons and price match at Wal Mart, Freddy's selection wasn't the greatest today!)