Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nov 6th deals...

(I hate my camera! No picture for now)
Target had their girls dresses on sale for 75% off too. There were super cute ones for $ 3.24!I picked up 5 of them plus 2 pairs of Halloween stockings for the girls.

Total Spent=$ 19.29
total savings 53.66

Nov 6th deals...

FINALLY, Target's candy went 75% off yesterday!I bought 29 bags. 4 of them were huge bags too. And, yes, that is a lot of candy. (It's great for birthday party pinatas!)

Total Spent= $ 26.39
Total savings=$ 76.06

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nov 4th deals...

Albertson's is running a great General Mills sale right now. I just needed some sugar cereal, so I was thrilled with my 16 boxes. When you spend $ 30.00, you get a $ 15.00 catalina, plus I used $ 6.00 in coupons! After I factor in everything they ended up being .56 a box.

Total Spent= $ 24.08/ have $ 15.00 catalina to spend
Total Savings= $ $40.46

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nov. 3rd deals...

Target stores had a TON of candy marked down to 50%, but because I'm too cheap, I'm waiting/hoping to get some at 75%. I did pick up the Hershey kisses because they were .49 after our $ 1.00 off manufactured coupons, and I knew those would sell quickly. I bought 7 bags.

Total spent= 3.64
Total Savings= $ 17.50

Nov 3rd deals...

Craft Warehouse had a few things marked down to 90% off, but nothing too amazing. The paper & embellishments were 75% off and I could have spent a ton, but I already have SOO much that I need to use first! I picked up a few things...

Total Spent= $ 4.67
Total Savings=$ 8.39

Nov 2nd deals...

Monday night, Angie, Annikan and I were trying to find WalMart's .25 halloween deals. After going to 12th, and calling around, we went to Caldwell, to find they were the only store that still had some stuff left. Here's what I bought: (I'm not listing everything, but there is a costume, masks, window decorations, popcorn, spider rings, erasers, make up, napkins, bags, candy corn, swords, hair paint etc...)

Total spent= $ 12.72
Total savings= $ 140.00