Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dec. 5th deals...

My friend Angie is the best, after she was done using her Kohl's coupons, she gave me the 2 left over, so Trav & I picked up bath robes for the girls last night. (I should have grabbed them earlier in the day because they were $ 4.00 cheaper then, darn!)So, yes, I spent $ 8.60 on EACH robe! Can you believe it? They will love them and I already bought Tristin's, so now they each have one.

Total Spent= $ 19.24
Total Savings= $ 50.80

Dec. 5th deals...

Trav recieved a $ 25.00 gift card (You pick out of 4 resturants), so last night we had a date! We went to On the Boarder.

Total Savings= $ 25.00

Dec. 5th deals...

I ordered 10 Rayovac battery coupons off e bay for $ 2.00 and picked them up last night after our date. They are noramlly priced $ 1.00 each in the target dollar bins.They were FREE after $ 1.00 off coupon.(she actually sent me 11 coupons)

11- packs of batteries

Total spent= .66
Total Savings= $ 11.00