Friday, May 29, 2009

Whoopsy Daisy Crafts!

Although, the site is still under construction, I am thrilled to have my craft web site up and running- almost! I will be in a fundraiser tomorrow May 30th from 9AM-4PM to help baby Mia who recently had a heart transplant. I will be selling a ton of my crafts and part of the proceeds will go to help the family with their HUGE medical bills.
I will be at: 403 W. Cherry Ln. Meridian, ID 83642
All of my crafts are discounted right now too!

Go to: for the crafts I have available right now!

Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25th deals...

Here's my last Albertson's run:
4- Sweet baby ray's BBQ sauce= FREE
1- Mc cormick onion seasoning = FREE
1- Kraft catalina dressing= FREE
1- French's mustard= FREE
1- box ice cream bars= .63
1- Marie Callender frozen meals= FREE
6- Bar S hot dogs= FREE

Total Spent= $ 1.28
Total Savings= $ 39.73

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Christmas done in May!

With our trip home to Seattle just 2 weeks away, I started thinking about Christmas awhile ago. What? You may be asking, Christmas in May???... Well, I have a ginormse family and when I do the math, there are 24 people I usually buy for, just on that side, so I had to get creative... and fast! I normally bring presents home with me throughout the year or have my Mom & Brent take them back on the plane for me when they come to visit, to save on shipping- so it wasn't really a big thing to get Christmas started a week 1/2 ago.

Every year, I pick a theme, last year was home made crafts, this year, it is thriftyness! I was reorganizing my pantry awhile ago while trying to think of what to do for 24 people in 3 1/2 weeks, and as I was straightening up my rows & rows of shampoo, I thought, BINGO! That's it! I'm going to make care packages for everyone and fill them with fun, practical goodies and show them how much I spent on everything in the box. I typed up a little note encouraging them to save money this year, and that some things in life really are free- and off to the post office I went to collect a ton of boxes for my project. I combined the spouses/girlfriends this year and then did something similuar for the nieces, except put the items in cute little purses. It took several hours, but I finished, wrapped them all up and now they are ready to go!

My huge push to get it done was the baby coming at the beginning of October. I knew I would have a 2 month old at Christmas, which wasn't going to leave a lot of time to buy/make quality things for that many people, so I thought I'd just make it silly & practical this year. And each box only cost me.25 + tax!

Just wanted to give you an idea for Father's day, Birthday's or Christmas! Hope it could help someone!

Everything was FREE!

These are my deals from the 22nd & 23rd. They are all from Albertson's using their double coupons, and it was all FREE, I just paid for tax. People ask me all the time if couponing is worth it, and as my 2 year old says, "Yes, you silly head!"

12- packs of Bar-S hot dogs= FREE (after doubling $ 1.00 manufactured coupon)
6- Tree top apple juice= FREE (after doubling $ 1.00/2 manufactured coupon)
4- Marie Callender's Al Dente frozen meals= FREE (after doubling $ 1.00 manufactured coupon)
2- bags shredded Kraft cheese= FREE (after doubling $ 1.00 IP coupon)

Total Spent+ .90 (tax)
Total savings= $ 62.77

(and I've earned another .20 off a gallon for gas!)