Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feb 14th deals...

Today was my first day out in a few days (I've been sick with some sort of bizarre flu. My doctor thinks it affected the nerves on my right side which caused a bunch of weird/scary side effects which almost landed us in the hospital, but I'm starting to feel better, just super weak/achy. NOT FUN. )
Anyway, I made a few stops because the guilt of not getting anything for Valentines day was eating at me, so the kids and I picked up some Valentine treats, balloons & pizza for Daddy to have when he gets off work tonight. (And we're decorating cookies and writing love notes)

I had to pick up some more easy meals at Albertson's, because lately, making food has just hasn't been working out. The Marie calendar's are really yummy and $ 1.20 sounds fine to me. They are apart of the spend $ 25.00/get $ 10.00 back deal.

Total Spent= $ 26.50 (got $ 10.00 catalina)
Total Savings= $ 36.77
Every holiday, the kids pick out an obsene amount of junk food for their Father, and since I had a ton of RR's at Walgreens, I let them pick out the treats there. I also found my other Progresso soup coupon which made it .15

Total Spent= .53 (used $ 5.00 RR)
Total Savings= $ $ 6.84
I got a rain check for the chicken that was $ 4.99 at Albertson's last week, because I knew I would be getting a $10.00 RR on my other deals and I thought chicken wouldbe great to get using my "free money" I picked up 2 bags and some lunch meat
Total Spent=$ 1.63 (after $ 10.00 catalina)
Total Savings=$ 19.00

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feb 11th deals...

I went to Walgreens this morning and picked up 5 bottles of Scrubbing bubbles (used printable $ 3.00/2 coupon &$ 1.00 off manufactured/plus there's a rebate for $ 2.00/2) 5 boxes of band aids (some were Walgreens brand clearanced to .87/some Band Aid brand which I used manufactured $ 1.00 off coupon) 1 Fusion razor used $ 4.00 off manufactured coupon/plus recieve $6.00 RR) 1 bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby oil clearanced to $ 1.00/used .75 off manufactured/flyer coupon, 3 toothpastes on sale for .99 each/used $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon, 1 box of Aka Seltzer & 1 box of anti itch cream for.75

Total Spent= .26 (after RR's & rebates)
Total savings=$ 57.76
I stopped at WalMart to pick up my free items: 5 Kotex, 8 first aid kits & 5 Well patch's. I made .39 OVERAGE!

Total spent= $ .67 (the left over tax)
Total Savings= $ 18.00

I stopped at Albertson's to get a few sale items that started today. When you spend $ 25.00/you get $ 10.00 catalina, so after that, the ketchup was .60 each, I bought 8 bottles (which I needed my year supply of), We love the Marie Calendars, so I bought 6 of those which ended up being
$ 1.20 each & 5 puddings for .60 each.

Total Spent= $ 16.50 (after $ 10.00 catalina)
total Savings= $ 30.31

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 10th deals...

I made 1 last trip to Albertson's tonight before their double coupon promotion ended and picked up some toilet paper for .15 each. (I used the $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon that came out in Sunday's paper.)

Total Spent= $ 1.76
Total Savings=$ 16.00

Feb 10th deals...

I stopped by Rite Aid today on my way to work and picked up these 2 bottles of mousse. After the rebate, I will make .39 OVERAGE.

Total Spent=$ 0 (after rebate)
Total Savings= $ 4.98

Feb 10th deals...

I picked up 8 toothpastes today at Walgreen's (not 16 that are pictured, sorry. The picture was for another site I help with) They were FREE and made $ 4.00 OVERAGE!

I went to and scrolled down to her Walgreens post and clicked on the Colgate toothpaste link. You can print as many coupons as you want, and for every 2 you get, you recieve a $ 1.00 RR for your next purchase!)



Total Spent=$ 0 (made $ 3.28 OVERAGE after tax and RR's)
Total Savings= $ 19.92
These were .99 each after my double coupons at Albertson's. These are my favorite!

Total Spent= $ 3.33
Total savings= $ 7.80

Feb 9th deals...

Chelsea & I stopped at Walgreens & Albertson's tonight. At Walgreens I got a Fusion razor and pmade $ 1.01 OVERAGE and 4 FREE things of toothpaste and made $ 1.00 OVERAGE. At Albertson's I got 6 things of nail polish using double coupons for.50 each.

Total SPent= $ 2.06 (including tax & after RR's)
Total Savings=$ 33.26

Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb 9th deals...

This morning I stopped at Walgreens & Albertson's before leaving for work. And then I stopped at Walmart after work for party stuff. At Walgreens I got: 4 FREE boxes of toothpaste (and made $ 1.oo OVERAGE), 2 FREE things of Windex wipes (after internet coupon and rebate at the end of the month), & 1 can of soup for .15. Then I stopped at Albertsons for 4 FREE things of napkins & Walmart for 5 FREE packages of Kotex.

Total Spent= $ 0 (made .31 OVERAGE after RR & rebates)
Total= $ 35.94

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feb 6th deals...

Trav picked up Papa Murphy's tonight because I was NOT about to cook. He used the FREE cheesy bread coupon (I took their phone survey!) 2 minutes is worth my time for those cheesy treats!

Total Spent= 0
Total savings = $ 3.49 (I think that's the normal price)

Feb 5th deals...

Daisy & I stopped at Mc Donalds Thursday night after ballet class and had dinner for FREE.

Total Spent= 0 (used gift card)
Total savings =$ 3.59

Feb 7th deals...

I had to get out of the house, so I make 2 quick trips tonight. First I went to Albertson's to pick up some more FREE items! I was able to get 2 more kids shampoo for FREE using the $ 1.00 off internet coupon (then Albertson's doubled it, so I made .1 OVERAGE off each one, 1 FREE bag of rice cakes (used manufactured $ 1.00 off coupon/Albertson's doubled, so I made .01 OVERAGE, 2 bottles of shaving cream clearanced to .57 each, they would have been .02 each, but but because I made .03 OVERAGE on the other items, I ended up only paying .01 TOTAL for both of them! (I used 2 .55 off manufactured coupons-no doubling needed) and 1 box of YO Plus yogurt, for .50 (used $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon/Albertson's doubled). Then I went to Wal Mart and picked up my FREE bottle of Suave body wash (my coupon came in the mail today! I had to sign up online last month for it) & 10 packages of Kotex for FREE (used $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon) I only paid .51 + tax for all this! Everything was FREE except the .50 yogurt and .01 shaving creams!

Total Spent= $ 1.56 (I hate tax!)
Total Savings= $ 28.36