Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 10th deals...

I made 1 last trip to Albertson's tonight before their double coupon promotion ended and picked up some toilet paper for .15 each. (I used the $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon that came out in Sunday's paper.)

Total Spent= $ 1.76
Total Savings=$ 16.00


  1. Coupons.com also has a $1 off coupon available too.

  2. I got lucky, when I went to get mine they rang up for just $1 with the preferred card. So I just used my manufacturer coupon - too bad I only had three. It cost me .22 in tax!

  3. how do you organize your coupons? i am trying to decide which method to use and was wondering what you do. Thanks JoAnn

  4. Nicole- Yeah, I'm glad you got some FREE toilet paper!

    Jo Ann, I have a binder for my coupons. it's the only thing that works for me because I recieve so many inserts, I needed something BIG. I love mine, although it weighs as much as my 2 year old! I have dividers for all my sections and I use baseball card holders to put the coupons inside of. I bought all my stuff at Target. I hope that helps. I should post pictures...