Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 7th deals...

Yeah for the Quaker deal going on at Albertson's!!! I was even praying for this sale to hurry up and get here!
This morning my friend Angie and I were there at 6:00 AM to make sure we got the flavors we wanted. When you buy 10 items, $ 5.00 comes off your total instantly)I bought:

38- boxes of granola bars= .50 a box (after using $ 1.00/2 internet coupon)
12- boxes of instant oatmeal= .88 a box (after using $ 1.25/2 manufactured coupon)

Total Spent= $ 31.80
Total Savings= $ 157.00

October 6th deals...

Yesterday was the last day to use double coupons at Albertson's, so I picked up:

9- Rhodes rolls (these were .69 each/ SOOO yummy)
4- pizza rolls

Total Spent= $ 8.50
Total Savings=$ 28.16

October 5th deals...

Nothing stops after you have a baby, and there were so many great deals to be had, so we were out at Albertson's using some more double coupons!I picked up:

4- bags of Halloween candy
1- hot pocket
4- pizza rolls
4- Rhodes rolls
3- Dr.Pepper ice cream toppings
5- packs of Nestle cookies
8- pounds of chicken breasts

Total Spent= $ 15.08
Total Savings= $ 69.43

October 1st...

I gave birth to my 4th baby today! Willow was born at 1:45 PM after 18 minutes of pushing. She was 8 lbs. 7 oz & 20 1/2 inches long. We are both doing really well on day 6 now. (She weighs 8 lbs. 1 oz now and everything looked great at her app. on monday. (This is why I have been SOOO behind in getting my deals recorded)

September 30th deals...

Walgreens had a bunch of FREE items after RR's, so I picked up:

3- cough drops
3- flossers
5- medicine
3- Chapsticks
1- pack of seeds
3- boxes of candy
13- cans of chicken broth
2- Vasaline lotions
1 tooth brush

Total Spent= $ 13.36 (after coupons & RR's)
Total savings= $ 77.95

September 29th deals...

At Walgreens I picked up:

1- 48 count of Prilosec
1- pack of stickers
6- coloring books
1- barbie doll
4- boxes of candy

Total Spent= $ 23.34 (after coupons & RR's)
Total Savings= $ 24.04

September 23rd deals...

Yeah for more double coupons!At Albertson's I picked up:

4- packs of gum
14- boxes of fruit snacks

Total Spent= $ 6.45
Total Savings= $ 37.16

September 21st deals...

I picked up:
15 pounds of hamburger
4- cans of Aussie hair spray

Total Spent= .68 (gift card used and RR's factored in)
Total Savings= 37.98

September 25th deals...

I used my gas rewards and saved: $ 2.84

September 15th deals...

Albertsons had more double coupons this week. I picked up:

10- boxes of granola bars
1- Yoplait yogurt
1- Reeses peanut butter cup

Total Spent= $ 5.01
Total Savings=$ 38.35

September 14th deals...

Albertson's had a super sale on their Campbells soup( double coupons were also used).
I picked up:

30- cans of soup
5- Reeses peanut butter cups
1- febreze

Total Spent= $5.52 (after factoring in $ 5.00 catalina)
Total savings= $ 28.59