Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan 1st deals...

I ran to Walmart, walgreens & bath & Body works today to pick up a few things. Walmart was 75% off (But cashier had to mark some of it down. Some of my friends struggled at other stores to get the 75% price)so I picked up:
12 Glade candles= FREE (after $ 1.50/2 off manufactured coupon0
1- bakugan bath set= $ 1.25
3- brouch pins= $ 1.25 each (not showing, they are a surprise for my Mom)
2- boxes of Russell Stover chocolates= .24 each
1- set of gift bags= $ 1.25
6- lip gloss= .25 each
2- christmas art sets =.25 each

Total Spent= $ 9.97
Total Savings= $69.34

Bath & Body

8- hand soaps=$ 3.00 each
1- holiday body wash= $ 3.00
5- body wash= $3.00

Total Spent= $ 2.12 (used $ 10.00 printable coupon & gift card)
Total Savings 157.72

1- Enfamil formula= FREE (used $ 5.00 off coupon)
Total Spent= .29
Total Savings= $ 4.99

Grand Total= $12.38
Grand Savings Total= $232.05

Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Round Up...

I cannot believe a full year has already passed! Holy Cow! After adding up my numbers, I am happy to report that by using coupons, shopping sales, buying on clearance & being careful with money, I have saved my family:

$ 10,419.21 this year!

Wahoo! Over 10,000 dollars, can you believe it?!

Just for fun this coming year, I'm going to keep track of how much I can feed my family of 6 on. The other day while we were eating dinner, I calculated how much our meal was and it was .50 total for everything! For lunch the other day, it was less than $2.00! I absoulty HATE to cook, but I love to add up how much the meals are, so maybe this new little game will help inspire me in the kitchen!

Dec 30th deals...

I bought a bunch of christmas clearance stuff at Target, some diapers and contact paper.

Total Spent= $ 1.23 (used gift card)
Total savings= 87.37

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dec. 28th deals...

I picked up a few things for work today and saved $ 60.00!

Dec. 28th deals...

In Sunday's paper, they had $ 1.00 off ANY size tide detergent. I picked up 6 at WalMart for FREE (I'm not picking up my extra papers these days, so I'm only getting 7 a week right now)

Total Spent= .18
Total savings= $ 6.00

Dec. 22nd deals...

I picked up a few more things last week while Albertsons still had their double coupons going:
4- cans of veggies= FREE
5- bags of cough drops= FREE
2- boxes of Treetop apple juice (thanks for the coupon Angie!)
1- can of Muir Glen tomato sauce FREE
1- can of cookies= FREE (Angie gave them to me. She got them free after raincheck)

Total Spent= $.39
Total Savings= 25.46