Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31st deals...

I made a few stops before/after work and grabbed a few more things.

At Walgreens I bought (went to 2 different stores):
4 chapsticks = FREE after RR
19 Mento gum = FREE with $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon

12 boxes of cereal= $ 3.98

4 packs of Extra gum= $ 1.10 (clearanced to .26 a pack)

Total Spent= $ 6.70
Total Savings= $ 96.29

I'm teaching a coupon class at the Nampa Library ...

The Nampa library contacted me a few months ago about teaching a coupon class in April as a part of their Consumer Education week, so of course I said "yes!" I was thrilled, I could talk about coupons for hours!(Sadly, I'm now regreting that decision in fear I might throw up in their garbage can!)Wish me luck!

Just in case you know of anyone needing the basics, the class is Thursday, April 2nd & starts at 6:00 PM, lasts 1 hour and is FREE. (Or if you are really bored that night, just come and make silly faces at me.)

Just wanted to pass it along! I hope to see some of you!


Monday, March 30, 2009

We started another blog!

Some friends and I started another coupon blog that will help find more deals. Sorry, my blog is just based on the deals I get, this one will be more informative. For those of you who are serious about helping on it too, let me know! Visit us at: www.discountqueens.blogspot.com (I'm working on getting all my buttons back up, so I'll add this one soon. Just scroll down to the blog list and click on it there, it'll take you right to the sight!)

March 30th deals...

This past month has been horrible, I've been so sick and in bed 6 1/2 days out of the week. I'm so grateful to be pregnant, i just want this to end!!! The only reason I went out today was because we were out of milk! I'm about to hop back in bed. Sorry I haven't been helpful lately! I made a few trips this morning and bought:

18 boxes of cereal at Albertson's. (Did 3 transactions)@ $ 1.57 per box
(6 boxes = $ 9.42- $ 3.00 Manufactured coupons-$ 5.00 catalina = $ 1.42/.23 a box!)

5 softsoap body washes at Walgreens = FREE after RR(pay $ 3.99 1st transaction/recieve a FREE coupon on your next body wash. YOU CAN ROLL THESE RR'S!!! )

3 Shimmer Chapsticks at Walgreens = FREE after $ 2.00 RR (pay $ 1.99/recieve 2.00 RR)

2 Oral B toothbrushes = .54 after using $ 2.00 RR (Trav will ONLY use super nice toothbrushes, & these were on clearance)

4 bags of candy = 2.00 (last week Albertson's doubled coupons/these were .50 a bag. Only 1 pictured)

2 candy bars = $ 1.00 (filler items)

I finally got to use my gas rewards after several failed attempts! I only paid .31 a gallon! It was about time I got a deal on gas! I spent $ 5.50 for 17 gallons of gas!

Total Spent= $ 14.10 (after coupons/RR's?catalina's)
Total Saved= $ 149.79