Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 3rd deals...

Yesterday I bought 14 cans of Pringles for $ 21.00/ Apart of the spend 20, get 5 back
I used 7 $ 1/2 manufactured coupons (new total $ 14.00)
Then I used 7 double coupons (new total $ 7.00)
Next I used 1 $ 5.00 catalina (new total $ 2.00)
Paid $ 2.84
Received $ 5.00 catalina!
Money maker= $ 2.16+ 14 cans of Pringles!

Total savings= $ 24.46

Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3rd deals...

******New update******

Who knows what's going on with this sale!!!! Some ladies are having no problem, some stores are having tons of problems, other ladies are able to buy the items on the lower part of the ad, some are not- AUGG.... sorry for those of you trying to do these deals. Corporate missed over 100 upc's on this deal, so it's been a nightmare in some places! Hopefully you'll have great luck!

We (Mark from 7th & 12th & I) just discovered a few things about this sale that I had to share. This is at least at his store, let us know what you run into at your stores...)

*You can only do 2 sale transactions a day if you want your catalina's to print. (I did 2 at 12th & Greenhurst and then went to 7th & 12th after my Dr. app to get the sauce and my catalina's didn't print.) He tried a bunch of different ways to get them to print, made sure I had the right sizes, etc... and then decided to try a different perferred card- and it worked, meaning, it would only allow my card those first 2 transactions.

*They are allowing you to use all 7 of the different double coupons in 1 transaction, even though they are all numbered 1-3, they came out of 3 different ads!!! Incredible! That could be a huge money maker! (Too bad I have to wait until tomorrow to use my card again!)

* The items on the lower half of the ad, are not apart of the deal. A lady bought some of the Lipton noodles priced at a dollar and her catalina's did not print, Mark, let her know those items are NOT apart of the deal. (Hamburger helper, betty crocker potatoes, Ben & Jerry's Breyers ice cream, all, macaroni grill dinners & snapple)

I just bought 18 jars of Ragu sauce for $ 4.00! I was thrilled because I just ran out of my year supply, too! That = .22 a jar.
I used 9 $ 1/2 internet coupons & 2 double coupons, & my $ 15.00 catalina.

Total Spent= $ 5.68
Total savings=$ 57.02

August 3rd deals...

I was thrilled about the sale that started yesterday at Albertson's! When you spend $ 30.00 on participating items, you get a $ 15.00 catalina! I was in need of some junk cereal (I have a billion boxes of the healthy stuff!)and it turned out to be a great price after a bunch of internet coupons and a few double coupons and 3 transactions. I bought:

4- boxes of Cinnamon toast crunch
9- boxes of Reeses puffs
6- boxes of honey nut cheerios
6- boxes of cookie crisp
2- boxes of yo plus yogurt
8 cups of Albertson's yogurt
3- bottles of Ragu spegetti sauce

Total Spent= $ 15.55 (factoring in $ 15.00 catalina & tax) plus I have 15.00 more on my next trip!
Total Savings= $ 108.70


*I just found out that Albertson's on 12th & 7th are allowing all 7 double coupons on 1 transactions (they are all numbered 1-3, but came out of 3 different ads)!!! I wish I would have known that before I did my 3 transactions, it would have been a huge money maker, oh well, you can't win them all!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 1st deals...

Last week a great candy bar coupon came out for $ 1.00 off any 2 candy bars. Right now at Wal Mart they are .50 each making them FREE! I got 13 for FREE last week (used 6 coupons+ 1 coupon that I received in the mail for a free one) and then I bought 15 more coupons off E bay for 4.99. So I picked up 30 more candy bars yesterday with those coupons. (I'm pregnant, what can I say???)They averaged out to be .15 a candy bar after I factor in the $ spent on coupons & tax. And really, at midnight, when all I want is chocolate, I'm glad I spent a few extra dollars! (and yes, there are a few missing from the picture)

Total Spent= 6.45 ($ 4.99 for coupons + tax for 43 candy bars)
Total Savings= $ 15.05

August 1st deals...

Right now Albertson's is doubling coupons, and right now their BIC pens are .50 each.I purchased 12 packs making my total $ 6.00, gave them my 3 internet coupons, making my total $ 3.00, then gave them my 3 double coupons, making my total .0
(I printed 3 internet coupons for $ 1.00 off 2 BIC products)

Total Spent= .18
Total savings= $ 31.08