Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3rd deals...

I was thrilled about the sale that started yesterday at Albertson's! When you spend $ 30.00 on participating items, you get a $ 15.00 catalina! I was in need of some junk cereal (I have a billion boxes of the healthy stuff!)and it turned out to be a great price after a bunch of internet coupons and a few double coupons and 3 transactions. I bought:

4- boxes of Cinnamon toast crunch
9- boxes of Reeses puffs
6- boxes of honey nut cheerios
6- boxes of cookie crisp
2- boxes of yo plus yogurt
8 cups of Albertson's yogurt
3- bottles of Ragu spegetti sauce

Total Spent= $ 15.55 (factoring in $ 15.00 catalina & tax) plus I have 15.00 more on my next trip!
Total Savings= $ 108.70


*I just found out that Albertson's on 12th & 7th are allowing all 7 double coupons on 1 transactions (they are all numbered 1-3, but came out of 3 different ads)!!! I wish I would have known that before I did my 3 transactions, it would have been a huge money maker, oh well, you can't win them all!

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