Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 1st deals...

Last week a great candy bar coupon came out for $ 1.00 off any 2 candy bars. Right now at Wal Mart they are .50 each making them FREE! I got 13 for FREE last week (used 6 coupons+ 1 coupon that I received in the mail for a free one) and then I bought 15 more coupons off E bay for 4.99. So I picked up 30 more candy bars yesterday with those coupons. (I'm pregnant, what can I say???)They averaged out to be .15 a candy bar after I factor in the $ spent on coupons & tax. And really, at midnight, when all I want is chocolate, I'm glad I spent a few extra dollars! (and yes, there are a few missing from the picture)

Total Spent= 6.45 ($ 4.99 for coupons + tax for 43 candy bars)
Total Savings= $ 15.05

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