Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9th deals...

I am actually running low on dish soap, so I stocked up for awhile. I couldn't resist some more diapers, and butter was on sale for $ 1.49 & water was $ 2.50.
Total Spent= $ 21.40
Total savings= $ 74.39

I am actually getting tired of shopping!!! I want this sale to end so I can have a life again!

Jan 9th deals...

I have several weakness's and 1 of them happens to be Panda Express's orange chicken. Trav bought a gift cert. for me for Christmas, so I stopped by for lunch today. It was close to 2:00 and I hadn't eaten anything, so I was hungry. I went through the drive thru and drove home eager to wolf down my beautiful chicken! When I sat down and opened the container, it was the wrong order! It was this crazy beef stuff and I wasn't about to eat it, nor could I let that $ go to waste! So, I put the girls back in the car and drove my hungy butt back to the resurant to get my food!To make a long story long, I FINALLY got my orange chicken, plus they let me keep the wrong order (Trav will love it!) So, I got 2 FREE lunches today, It was worth the drive back, I guess!
Total Spent= $ 0 (used gift card)
Total Saved= $ 14.84

Jan 9th deals...

I had to pick up more diapers & wipes. The deal is just too good to be true! I do have to stop sometime because I've spent a lot this week and I've been out shopping everyday! I want a day where I'm not obsessed with a deal and can stay home in my PJ's! I paid $ 1.33 for 6 of my Pull Ups and 3.33 for 3 (I didn't have my 4th $ 5.00 off catalina) ! It's absoultly UNREAL!!! And I paid .89 cents for wipes again! Plus, I still have $ 15.00 to use on anything else!

Total Spent= $ 26.61
Total Savings= $ 133.35

I had to stock up on paper towels and for $ 3.15 a package, I couldn't afford NOT to!

Total Spent= $ 9.46
Total Savings= $ 47.12

Jan 8th deals...

Annikan & I went back to K-mart to see if they had restocked the shelves, but they hadn't. I walked away with a few more treats. She overcharged me a dollar, so my total should have been $ 3.09, but I paid $ 4.09. The bath buddies were FREE, the conditionar was FREE, the Olay were .12 each, Act was $ 1.19 and Trav's "nicer" toothbrushes were .50 each.
Total Spent= $ 4.09
Total Savings= $ 18.19

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jan 8th deals...

I was thrilled about today's purchases!!!! I got Tide for $ 3.34! (Even though I make my own detergent, I'm still madly in love with this stuff!) Toilet paper was $ 3.34 too! And baby wipes were .89 cents for a 231 count! Much better than the Huggies I bought yesterday for $ 2.60!
Total Spent= $ 15.34
Total Savings = $ 75.92

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Deals that don't count... Dec 29th, 30th & Dec 31st...

I bought 5 boxes of Kids cold Medicine for $ 10.00 and got a $ 20.00 catalina back! This picture doesn't show everything I got for free using it. There were 4 more bags of candy that were not pictured. So, for $ 10.00 out of pocket, I got: 5 boxes of childrens cold medicine, 4 boxes of Mrs Fields chocolates, 2 boxes Russel Stover chocolates, 6 bags of candy, 3 boxes of popcorn, 6 candels, 6 boxes of Chocolate covered macadamia nuts & 5 bath soaps... not too bad! I saved
$ 134.13 just on the 29th!
I used coupons for the candels and the bath buddies. Those were free!

I got all of this for $ 3.00 including tax! 3 bottles of Rolaids, 7 packages of batteries, 2 packs of rubberbands, 3 packs of dental floss, 2 wet wipes, 4 bottles of lotion, 9 bars of soap, 4 trial sized Downy fabric softners & 6 trial sized tide detergents!

Jan 7th deals...

Today's purchases cost a lot more, but the deals were incredible! Diapers for $ 1.34-3.33, wipes for $ 2.60, water for $ 2.50 ect... it was fabulous! I was tickled to get: 15 packs of diapers/pull ups (2 being huge packages), 10 packages of 232 count wipes, 3 cases of water, 3 huge packages of toilet paper, 15 boxes of fruit snacks, 2 toaster strudles, 9 boxes of prilosec, 5 tubs of frosting & 6 yogurts. These were things I needed too, and normally almost always spend full price on, so I was thrilled to save so much! The Prilosec alone would have cost me over $ 90.00 and that was the sale price!)
Total Spent= $ 143.88
Total Savings= $ 371.39

Jan 6th deals...

I went out to K-mart with my girlfriends and bought a few more things. I needed some body wash, more mouth wash, and drinks for Tristin's lunch, the shaving gel was free. (not great, but not everything is free!)
Total Spent= $ 7.56
Total Savings= $13.78

We also went to Target afterwards and their Christmas was 90% off. I bought 7 really cute boxes, 18 gift bags, a pack of napkins, a dress for Grace for $ 3.24 and a sweater for Daisy for
$ 3.24.
Total spent= $10.47
Total Savings= $ 49.16

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 6th deals...

Thank you Heather for e mailing the coupon! I was able to get FREE Ben & Jerry's ice cream today from Walgreens. I had 2 $ 3.00 off coupons and they were on sale for $ 3.00 each!
Lunch was free today too, thanks to my Mc Donalds gift cert. from Chelsea. Plus I got 2 free papers!
Total spent= .36
Total Savings= $ 10.12

Monday, January 5, 2009

More Jan 5th deals...

I had to stop in again to get my last 2 boxes of FREE foil!
Total Spent = .10
Total Savings= $ 3.40

We bought 4 movies and a sucker at Blockbuster using our gift cert. from my brother Caleb.
Total Spent= $ 1.72
Savings= $ 25.00

Jan. 5th deals...

This was my 1st first trip to Walgreen's today. I got 2 free boxes of foil, dish soap for.59 each & after the mail in rebate for the electrasol, I will have made money off them.
Total spent= $ 2.60
Savings= $ 5.96
My second trip to Walgreen's got me 4 boxes of Flinstone vitamins for $ 1.50 each (I couldn't find the other 1.00 off coupon, but I had 4 M. coupons and $1.50 was fine by me!)
Total Spent $ 17.20 (recieved$ 10.00 RR)
Savings= $ 20.00

My second transaction in this trip included 2 packages of pull ups, 4 boxes of foil and 1 bottle of dish soap.
Total Spent= $ 1.31 (Used $ 10.00 RR on this transaction)
Savings= $ 17.65

I scored at Wal Mart today!!! I found a TON of my Gillette Fusion gift sets!!! I was thrilled. My deals include: 8 boxes of Gillette Fusion gift sets, 5 lip gloss gift sets, 1 Cars gift set, 1 box of candy, 8 Christmas bags, 1 Jumbo box of diapers.
Total Spent= $ 10.52 (I used my coupons & $ 20.50 of my Mastercard gift cert.)
Savings= $ 127.00

K-Mart is doubling coupons again this week so my deals included: 8 bottles of Pace Picante Salsa, 4 boxes of Juicy Juice, 4 tubes of Shrek toothpast, 3 bags of cough drops, 1 bottle of Gillette shaving gel, 2 bottles of Act mouthwash, 1 Colgate 360 tooth brush & 3 pack of Kleenex.
Total Spent $ 11.66
Savings= $ 61.34
Plus, I got 3 free newspapers.
Today I Spent= $ 46.11
Today's saving total= $ 263.35

Jan 3rd deal...

We went roller skating with my brother Eli & Cindy on Saturday! So fun.
Total = 29.50 (Used a Mastercard gift card) = FREE
Savings= $ 29.50

Jan 3rd deal...

I'm friends with the manager at the Shell station down the street. She's letting me pick up any left over coupon inserts on Saturday night. I got 4 ! Better than nothing!
Savings= $ 4.00

Jan 2nd deal...

I recieved a gift card to Pottery Bard for Christmas this year, so I ended up spending .14 cents for a table runner, place mat, a stapler, a storage box and a orange bathroom container. ( I know this one doesn't really count because I used a gift card, but oh, well) My total would have been over $ 100.00!
Savings= $ 100.00

Jan 1st deal...

After X mas, I was trying to find these gift sets EVERYWHERE!!! Ladies were getting them for
$ 1.00 and I was SO jealous, well, I found 1, so I'm happy! There were normally $ 10.00!
I spent= $ 1.06
Savings= $ 9.00