Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan 7th deals...

Today's purchases cost a lot more, but the deals were incredible! Diapers for $ 1.34-3.33, wipes for $ 2.60, water for $ 2.50 ect... it was fabulous! I was tickled to get: 15 packs of diapers/pull ups (2 being huge packages), 10 packages of 232 count wipes, 3 cases of water, 3 huge packages of toilet paper, 15 boxes of fruit snacks, 2 toaster strudles, 9 boxes of prilosec, 5 tubs of frosting & 6 yogurts. These were things I needed too, and normally almost always spend full price on, so I was thrilled to save so much! The Prilosec alone would have cost me over $ 90.00 and that was the sale price!)
Total Spent= $ 143.88
Total Savings= $ 371.39

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