Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9th deals...

I am actually running low on dish soap, so I stocked up for awhile. I couldn't resist some more diapers, and butter was on sale for $ 1.49 & water was $ 2.50.
Total Spent= $ 21.40
Total savings= $ 74.39

I am actually getting tired of shopping!!! I want this sale to end so I can have a life again!


  1. I love looking at all of your great finds!!! I was wondering about the batteries, where did you get them and can I get a good deal on them (still)?? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi! So this is an email that my friend wrote to me after I told her to check out your blog! She wants to have you over to teach us about coupon'ing'! Totally just a girls night out type thing, nothing formal...So let me know what you think.
    Here it is:
    "Okay, so this is my reminder... :) You should call your awesome friend that I super envy right now and set up a "teaching night". I would love to host it. Let me know what you think. :) Is she super A-type personality to be so organized and list-ish? Man, I am so jealous!
    Wendi Mortensen"