Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 12th deals...

Thank Heaven this sale ends tomorrow! I just got back from another Albertson's trip with my friend Jen! She had been out of town and I was going crazy because I didn't want her to miss out on the diaper/wipe deal, so she was able to get some, and I couldn't resist a few more! 6 packs of Pull Ups, for $ 2.33 each, wipes for .89 and Prilosec went up in price, but I still saved $ 6.00 off it, so I'm happy!
Total Spent= $ 39.80 (But I still have $ 20.00 off my next trip!!!)
Total Savings= $ 119.38

I scored at K-Mart today! ( I got the 6 bottles of Suave lotion for free at Wal Mart) They are doing double coupons AGAIN, but up to $ 2.00 this week! Love it! Almost everything was free today. I payed $ 1.16, for 4 things of Pantene moouse & gel, the rest was tax!
Total Spent= $ 3.80
Total Savings= $ 79.83

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