Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 13th deals...

I used my Bath & Body works coupon and was able to get my body spray for free! I paid
$ 3.18, for the hand soap (so for $ 3.18, I got my yummy pink grapefruit soap & body spray- 2 items I'm in LOVE with! I was happy!) The Bath Buddies were FREE at Target with my coupons!

Total Spent= $ 3.18
Total Savings= $ 14.72

I was able to find a bunch of things on clearence for the kids at Target tonight. (a lot of solid colors)! For Tristin I found: 2 tee shirts, 1 Polo shirt, 1 sweatshirt & 1 long sleeved shirt. For Daisy I found: 1 red skirt, 1 turtleneck (which I'm not wild about, but they're great for winter under their sweaters), 1 pair of leggings & 2 pair of pink gloves. For Grace I found: 3 turtlenecks (they were .94!) and I found 2 pair of adorable baby silver converse shoes!
Total Spent= $ 27.07
Total Savings= $ 84.70

My darling husband bought me a Michael's gift cert. for my birthday, so I went shopping ALL BY MYSELF tonight! It was Heaven to walk around and pick out what ever I wanted without a screaming 2 year old and a 3 year old that loves to go potty at every store! I bought 21 pieces of paper on clearence for .14 each! And I picked out 8 spools of ribbon (hair bows here I come!), 2 packs of greeting cards, an adorable stamp set & some butterfly chipboards!
Total Spent= 0 (gift cert.)
Total savings= $ 36.23

And I stopped at Goodwill and found some wrapping paper!
Total Spent= .53
Total Savings= $ 3.49

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