Friday, January 16, 2009

Jan 16th deals...

The Old Navy here just went an additional 50% this morning, so I went out to see what they had. I realized my first trip was mostly for Grace & Tristin & in their current sizes (a few things for Daisy, but not much and nothing for next year.) So I was thrilled when I found a ton for Daisy & for NEXT year! I exchanged a few of Tristin's to a bigger size and will put those away for next year as well. I was really happy to find some more things for Tristin now that he's in school. So this trip consisted of 24 items: 11 shirts for Daisy, 3 pairs of pants/jeans for Daisy, 1 coat for her, 2 coats for Tristin, 4 shirts/sweatshirts, 1 hat & a pair of jeans for Grace. I have LOTS for next year now! Full price would have been $ 384.00!
Total Spent= $ 71.31
Total Savings= $ 312.69


  1. Emily. I stumbled on your blog via krazycouponmom and I'm in awe. I have NO idea how you find so many free/ridiculously cheap deals. WHERE do I start? if u don't mind, email (acp 389 at gmail dot com) or post some tips. I'd love to know where u find all your coupons. Do u just accumulate from papers over time?

  2. Andrea,

    I tried to E mail you, but it didn't go through. Do I have your address right? Let me know and I'll try again. Sorry!