Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17th deals...

Today is the last day to use double coupons at Albertson's, so I picked up some juice for Tristin's lunches for .95 a box (used 4 .55 off manufactured coupons & Albertson's double) & 6 bottles of McCormick seasonings for FREE. They are on sale for $ 2.00. Used 6 $ 1.00 off manufactured coupons & Albertson's double coupon)

total Spent= $ 4.31
Total Savings= $ 27.10

March 16th deals...

I used my $ 20.oo in RR's at Walgreens to get more diapers. They were $ 4.50 a pack, so I picked up 5. I can't apply this to my total, because I already factored in my $ 20.00 discount on the Huggies diapers, I just wanted to post that I got more! I saved $ 37.45. (Our store didn't have the other coupon book with the $ 2.00 off coupon, darn.)

You guessed it, I'm pregnant!

I was planning on keeping it quiet for a few more weeks, until the first trimester was over, but my Dr. appointment went great and she said the baby looked perfect, so I thought this would be a great time to explain why my deal shopping has been almost zero these days. I've been miserable the past few weeks and I haven't been out to get too many deals. I've ran a few errands on the days I've had to work, and then just been in bed & hanging over the toilet for the rest of the week. All I've wanted to do is lay in bed and watch Oprah. I'm 10 weeks, and hopeful that this pregnancy will go well. After losing the baby in November, I've been really scared this time around to get excited, but I know this baby is waiting to join our family, so, I'll pray even harder and hope even more that this one makes it.