Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Savings= $ 2054.72

This has been an awesome month for deals!

Oct Deals...

I had .55 in gas points last week and was so excited to fill up the van. I saved $ 10.34! That was the most ever! Super happy! Thanks Albertsons for Free food and FREE gas!

Total Savings= $ 10.34

Oct deals....

Random savings= 20.00

Oct 19th deals...

I had 1 more set of doublers so I picked up some soup for FREE. (we adore the potato & bacon! Yummy) The other 14 cans were .50 each at Fred Meyer. Chips were 4/$5, the bread & pizza crust was from the 4 store for $ 1.25 each. The noodles, dish soap and Pert plus were FREE.

ITotal Spent= 17.00
Total Savings= 41.60

Oct 18th deals...

This is why I love double coupons! So much of this was FREE!

Total Spent= $ 14.05
Total Savings= $ 285.55

Oct 9th deals...

(No picture)

$ 30.94

Oct 13th deals...

Total Savings= $ 64.90

Oct Deals...

Savings = $ 9.00

Oct. 12th deals...

(sorry no picture, using for lots of gifts!)

I went to Michael's today and TOTALLY SCORED!!!!!!! In the front of the store were lots of boxes labeled "Grab Bag $ 2.00" I looked inside and almost wet my pants! I scooped up 5 boxes and hurried to the check out. I spent $ 10.00 and got 428 items! It varied from school supplies, to home decor, to kid art boxes, to art supplies, to craft stuff- it was one of the happiest days of my life. The girls and I donated a ton of stuff to the elementary school and it was fun to watch the teachers get all excited as well. Not too shabby when each item was only .02 1/2 each!!! Thank you God!!!

Total savings= $ 804.25 (yes I added up 428 items! I am crazy, I know!)

Oct 12th deals...

I used my $ 42.00 in catalina's for diapers and prilosec! I only spent $ 3.96 + tax.

Total savings= $50.00