Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Round Up...

I cannot believe a full year has already passed! Holy Cow! After adding up my numbers, I am happy to report that by using coupons, shopping sales, buying on clearance & being careful with money, I have saved my family:

$ 10,419.21 this year!

Wahoo! Over 10,000 dollars, can you believe it?!

Just for fun this coming year, I'm going to keep track of how much I can feed my family of 6 on. The other day while we were eating dinner, I calculated how much our meal was and it was .50 total for everything! For lunch the other day, it was less than $2.00! I absoulty HATE to cook, but I love to add up how much the meals are, so maybe this new little game will help inspire me in the kitchen!

Dec 30th deals...

I bought a bunch of christmas clearance stuff at Target, some diapers and contact paper.

Total Spent= $ 1.23 (used gift card)
Total savings= 87.37

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dec. 28th deals...

I picked up a few things for work today and saved $ 60.00!

Dec. 28th deals...

In Sunday's paper, they had $ 1.00 off ANY size tide detergent. I picked up 6 at WalMart for FREE (I'm not picking up my extra papers these days, so I'm only getting 7 a week right now)

Total Spent= .18
Total savings= $ 6.00

Dec. 22nd deals...

I picked up a few more things last week while Albertsons still had their double coupons going:
4- cans of veggies= FREE
5- bags of cough drops= FREE
2- boxes of Treetop apple juice (thanks for the coupon Angie!)
1- can of Muir Glen tomato sauce FREE
1- can of cookies= FREE (Angie gave them to me. She got them free after raincheck)

Total Spent= $.39
Total Savings= 25.46

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dec. 21st deals...

I had to make a few more Albertson's runs. Here's what i picked up:

7- boxes of butter= FREE
2- bags of pretzels= FREE
3- boxes of cream cheese= .33 each
4- bags of shredded cheese= .49 each

Total Spent= $ 3.87
Total Savings= $51.18

Dec. 21st deals...

I went to Albertson's at 6:00 am to grab a few FREE things with double coupons, here's what I got:

4- bags of Snyder pretzels= FREE (used $ 1.00 manufactured & double coupon)
3- nestle chocolate milk= FREE (used .50 manufactured & double)
2- bags of Almond M&M's= $ 1.00 each (used $1/2 internet & double coupon)
1- bag Nestle chocolate chips= .88 (used .50 manufactued & double)
4- bags of Kraft shredded cheese= .49 each (used $ 1/2 manufactured & double)
1- box of jimmy dean turkey sausage= .49 (used $ 1.00 manufactured & double)
2- tubs of I Can't believe it's not butter= FREE (after $1.00 internet & double)
1- can of Muir Glen tomato sauce= FREE (after $ 1.00 internet coupon)
1- pint of creamer= FREE (used FREE coupon)
2- Febreeze air spray= .49 each (used $1.00 manufactured & double)
4 cans of Del Monte veggies= FREE (after $ 1.00 internet & double coupon)
1- HOt Pocket= .50 (used $ 1.50 catalina coupon)
1- Dannimal crush cup yogurt= .50 (used $1.00 manufactured & double coupon)

Total Spent= $ 7.96 (includes tax)
Total Savings= $ 70.64

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dec 15th deals...

We went out after Angie's b-day to pick up some more batteries at Target. I got 20 more packs! (Thanks for 10 coupons Ang!)Used internet coupon.

Total Spent= $ 1.20 (tax)
Total Savings= $ 20.00

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec. 14th deals...

Today At Target I picked up 10 more packs of Rayovac batteries for FREE. I used the internet coupon.

Total Spent= .60
Total savings= $ 10.00

I used my 40% 0ff coupon at Michael's today and saved= $ 2.20

Dec. 14th deals...

I used my $10.oo off coupon today at Old Navy and got a jacket for Trav for $5.00. Last week I used my other coupon and got the cutiest outfit for Willow for FREE.(Coupons came in the mail- must have/use Old Navy credit card)

Total spent= $5.35
Total Savings= $20.00

Dec. 11th deals...

I picked up 6 FREE boxes of Snuggle fabric sheets today at Walmart.They were $ 1.87. I used the manufactured coupon that just came out and even got .13 overage!

Total spent= $0/ .78 overage
Total Savings= $ 12.00

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dec. 5th deals...

My friend Angie is the best, after she was done using her Kohl's coupons, she gave me the 2 left over, so Trav & I picked up bath robes for the girls last night. (I should have grabbed them earlier in the day because they were $ 4.00 cheaper then, darn!)So, yes, I spent $ 8.60 on EACH robe! Can you believe it? They will love them and I already bought Tristin's, so now they each have one.

Total Spent= $ 19.24
Total Savings= $ 50.80

Dec. 5th deals...

Trav recieved a $ 25.00 gift card (You pick out of 4 resturants), so last night we had a date! We went to On the Boarder.

Total Savings= $ 25.00

Dec. 5th deals...

I ordered 10 Rayovac battery coupons off e bay for $ 2.00 and picked them up last night after our date. They are noramlly priced $ 1.00 each in the target dollar bins.They were FREE after $ 1.00 off coupon.(she actually sent me 11 coupons)

11- packs of batteries

Total spent= .66
Total Savings= $ 11.00

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kohl's round up...

Oh thank goodness today is the last day of these deals, I'm pooped! Kohls was awesome! I did 15 transactions (with Angie's help & then I helped her!) I paid $ 2.00 for the e mailed coupons off E bay. I bought:

2- play dos
2- My little Pony's
1- body spray set
1- body lotion/gel set
4- pairs of Carter's Pj's
3- calendars
1- Bakugon
1- watch
1- baby blanket set
2- pairs of socks
2- bath robes

Total Spent= 45.07
Total Savings= 249.18

Dec. 3rd, 4th & 5th deals...

Angie, the kids & I made a kabillion trips to Kohl's these past few days, but it's been oh so worth the effort! We've driven to both stores, survived 6 kids with us and have done so many transactions, we can't believe they didn't say anything to us!I was able to pick up more presents for super cheap!

1- calendar= 1.99
1- body spray= .99
1- body lotion set= .99
2- Carter's PJ's= 2.00 each
2- Carter's PJ's= $ 4.10 & $ 5.50 each
1- watch= 1.99

Total Spent= $ 20.75
Total Savings= $134.42

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec. 1st & 2nd deals...

I used 2 more of my Kohls coupons and got 2 more Christmas presents. (I don't want to tell what they are or show a picture, incase those people see this!)

Total Spent= $ 2.21
Total Savings = $ 17.78

Monday, November 30, 2009

Nov.30th deals...

Today I picked up:
6- boxes of Pampers swim pants (I use them for night time diapers)= $ 1.14 each
1- The Office calendar= $ 2.79 (used $ 5.00 Kohls coupon)
1- package of recieving blankets= FREE (used $ 5.00 off Kohls coupon)
2- pairs of socks = FREE (used Kohls $5.00 off coupon)
1- Old Navy coat= 14.50 (used $10.00 off coupon)

** I ordered The Office off E bay this month for $ 58.00, for seasons 1-5. It would have cost $ 200.00 ( I added $ 142.00 to Nov. total)

Total Spent = $10.85
Total Savings= $ 143.70

Nov 28th deals...

At Kohls, using 4 $ 5.00 off coupons, a friend and I picked up:
2- My little pony's = FREE
2- boxes of play do =FREE

Total Spent= tax
Total Savings= $ 34.96

Nov. 25th & 28th deals...

It's kind of nice when a wild sale ends because you feel like you have your life back, that's how I feel about the wipes at Target right now! I was able to pick up:

7 more packs= FREE
5 more tubs =.67 each
2- Pampers swim diapers= $1.14 each (clearanced to #$2.64/used $ 1.50 manufactured)

Total Spent= 6.40
Total Savings= $30.70

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nov. 24th deals...

No picture...

I made another Albertson's run today after work. I did 3 trasactions and picked up:

2- Pepridge Farm cookies= FREE (after $ 1.00 manufactured & double coupon)
2- Dole manderine oranges= FREE (after .50printable & double coupon)
2- Pepridge Farm crackers= FREE (after $1.00 manufactured & double coupon)
1- Yoplus yogurt= .49 (after $ 1.00 manufactured & double coupon
2- Kraft shreded cheese= .88 each (after $1/2manufactured& double coupon)
1- coffeemate = .49 (after $1.00 printable & double coupon) Great for hot chocolate!

Total Spent= $3.35
Total Savings= $33.10

Target Trip:

8- travel packs of Up & Up baby wipes 20 ct. = .24 each (used $ 1.00 off Target coupon)

2- trial size Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo= FREE (after $2.00 printable)

Total Spent= 1.96
Total savings- $ 10.00

Old Navy Trip:

1- Super Cute red pea coat= $ (used 10.00 off coupon+ it was already 50% off!)

Total Spent= $ 8.75
Total savings= $ 28.25

Fred Meyer Trip:

There is a great deal on batteries right now! When you purchase 6 packs & use 6 manufactured coupons, you recieve a $ 5.00 coupon for your next purchase!

6- 4 packs of AA Durecell batteries= .66 a pack (after using Fred Meyer store coupon & .50 manufactured coupon & factoring in $5.00 catalina)

Total spent= $9.66
Total Savings= $ 15.00

Monday, November 23, 2009

Nov. 23rd deals...

(No picture... ) Please, Santa, bring me a new camera!!!!!!!!
Albertson's has double coupons good through tomorrow night. Here's what I picked up this morning!

8- Campbells gravy= FREE (sale price .47 each & used 2 $1/4 internet coupons & double coupon)

8- Campbells c. of chicken= .29 each (sale price.79 each. used 2 $1/4 internet coupons & double coupon)

2- yoplus yogurts= .49 each (after $1.00 off manufactured & double coupon)

4-Pepridge Farm crackers= FREE Sale price $1.99. Use $ 1.00 manufactured & double coupon)

2- Pepridge Farm cookies= FREE (use $1.00 manufactured & double coupon)

2- Kraft shredded cheese= .88 each (use $1/2 manufactured & double coupon)

4- Dole manderine oranges= 2 FREE/ 3 for .33 each (after 2 .50 internet coupons & 1 $1/3 manufacturd coupon found in holiday booklet)

1- Scotties tissue= FREE ($1.00 off internet coupon. no double coupon needed)

1- Nestle cookies= .49 each

Total Spent= $ 7.19
Total savings= $ 74.56

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nov. 21st deals...

(No picture...)

2- boxes of Ritz crackers= .67 each (after Fred meyer price match & $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)

8- cans of gravy = .22 each (on sale for .47 at Albertson's & used 2 $1/4 printable coupons)

2- sara Lee pies= $ 6.39/FREE (I used my rain check from last week to get 2 more pies & ice cream. I could only use 1 $ 1.00 off coupon this time. So $ 5.39 for all 4)

2- Byerers ice cream= FREE

Total Spent= 9.18
Total Savings= $ 27.78

Nov. 16th & 20th deals...

(NO picture)

3- Ritz crackers= .67 each (Fred Meyer has them 3/$5.00 right now. Also use our $ 1.00 manufactured coupon)

5- liquid Enfilmil formula= FREE (used 5 $ 5.00 checks that came in the mail)

1- tub of I can't believe its not butter= FREE (on sale at Target for .97. used 1 .75 target coupon & 1 .75 manufactured coupon/ price adjusted to be free/ no overage

Total Spent= $ 2.49
Total Savings= $ 31.41

Nov. 13th & 20th deals...

My friend and I went to Gymboree last week and I picked up a cute pair of kneww highs for Daisy for $ 2.79 & I picked up 2 tee shirts for me for 2.99 each.

I picked up 15 more packs of diapers that night for .89 each, and 10 more yesterday for .62 each while I was in Boise!

Total spent= $ 30.02
Total Savings= $ 46.23

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nov. 13th deals...

In Friday's paper, on page A9, there were 3 fred Meyer coupons. Cake mixes were 4/$1.00, Progresso soup were 2/$1.00. I used 2 .55/2 manufactured coupons for the cake mixes, making them FREE! I used a $1.10/3 internet coupon for the soup, which made them .13 each!

Total Spent= .45
Total Savings= $ 7.70

Nov 13th deals...

There's something about FREE or really cheap baby wipes that can make a Mommy happy! I scored yesterday at our Nampa store in the morning. I picked up 10 tubs of wipes for .62 each & 5 FREE flushable wipes! last night while Annikan and I were in Boise, we stopped at their Target, and guess what we found?, you guessed it- more wipes. I was really shocked I found any at all considering they've been posted on every blog in the universe! I picked up 12 more for .77 & .89 each. Yeah for 27 packs of wipes!

Total Spent= $ 17.13
Total savings= $ 27.00

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nov 12th deals...

I was excited to pick up 4 jars of Ragu for .38 each. Right now at Albertson's they have an in store coupon for .88 each, but when you use a $ 1.00/2 printable, they end up being .38!

Total Spent=$ 1.73
Total savings=$ 12.04

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nov. 11th deals...

Right now at Target, you can get FREE trial size Arm & Hammer toothpaste! They are .97 each. Use your $ 3.00 off 2 Arm & Hammer manufactured coupon. (I picked up 3 toothpastes for each coupon because there was so much overage, then the cashier price adjusted the coupon to $2.91)
These are great to donate to shelters & churches too!

Total Spent= $ 1.22
Total savings=$ 29.10

Nov. 11th deals...

I love it when Albertson's runs this deal! I was able to pick up 4 pies and 4 ice creams for $ 6.78 + tax.
I used:
4 $ 1.00 off Sara Lee printable coupons &
2 $ 1.oo off 2 Breyers ice cream printable coupons

Total Spent= $ 7.55
Total Savings= $ 44.34

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov 10th deals...

(This was done in 10 transactions this morning at Albertson's & 1 @ Fred Meyer)

16 boxes of cereal (part of the spend $30/get $15 back deal)= .44 (after factoring in $ 15.00 back + using 5 $1/3 manufactured coupons & 3 double coupons)

5- Dannon smoothies = FREE + $ 1.50 overage (used 5 manufactured & double coupons- overage went towards other items)
8- Birds Eye Steamer veggies= .30 each (used 8 .35 manufactured & double coupons)
3- Yoplait delights yogurt = .49 each (used 3 $1.00 off manufactured & double coupons)
$ 15.00 FREE chicken (used $ 15.00 in catalina's)
2 - Dayquil= .36 each (clearanced to 2.99-used $ 1.00 off manufacturd & double coupon & .63 overage applied from Dannon smoothies & Tylenol)
2- Tylenol= FREE + .13 Overage (clearanced to $ 1.87- used $ 1.00 off manufactured & double coupon- overage applied to Dayquil)
6- Nestle cookies = .50 each (used $ 1.00 off manufactured & double coupon)
2- Mr. Potato heads = .49 each @ Fred Meyer (on sale for $ 10.99 & they are B1G1 FREE- & I used 2 $ 5.00 off printable coupons)

Total Spent= $ 20.15
Total Savings= $ 201.98

Nov.9th deals...

I was able to pick up 8 Herbal Essences products at Rite Aid yesterday. I only had 4 coupons (due to just having a baby and not picking up my extra papers awhile back, darn. But hey, I'm grateful!)They are B1G1 free right now and when you use your B1G1 free manufactured coupon, they are FREE! Love it!

Total Spent= $ 1.06
Total savings= $ 35.12

Nov. 5th deals...

Last week Angie & I scored at Walgreens in Eagle. We had read about the Almay mascara deal (B1G1 free+ instore $ 4.00 off coupon), so we went in to get some for her Mom. They were well stocked, so we both walked out with free makeup! Love it! (Angie tried this deal at all Nampa stores, and they were either sold out, or not ringing up as B1G1, so we got lucky!)

Total Spent= tax (can't find reciepts)
Total savings= 35.96

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nov 6th deals...

(I hate my camera! No picture for now)
Target had their girls dresses on sale for 75% off too. There were super cute ones for $ 3.24!I picked up 5 of them plus 2 pairs of Halloween stockings for the girls.

Total Spent=$ 19.29
total savings 53.66

Nov 6th deals...

FINALLY, Target's candy went 75% off yesterday!I bought 29 bags. 4 of them were huge bags too. And, yes, that is a lot of candy. (It's great for birthday party pinatas!)

Total Spent= $ 26.39
Total savings=$ 76.06

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nov 4th deals...

Albertson's is running a great General Mills sale right now. I just needed some sugar cereal, so I was thrilled with my 16 boxes. When you spend $ 30.00, you get a $ 15.00 catalina, plus I used $ 6.00 in coupons! After I factor in everything they ended up being .56 a box.

Total Spent= $ 24.08/ have $ 15.00 catalina to spend
Total Savings= $ $40.46

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nov. 3rd deals...

Target stores had a TON of candy marked down to 50%, but because I'm too cheap, I'm waiting/hoping to get some at 75%. I did pick up the Hershey kisses because they were .49 after our $ 1.00 off manufactured coupons, and I knew those would sell quickly. I bought 7 bags.

Total spent= 3.64
Total Savings= $ 17.50

Nov 3rd deals...

Craft Warehouse had a few things marked down to 90% off, but nothing too amazing. The paper & embellishments were 75% off and I could have spent a ton, but I already have SOO much that I need to use first! I picked up a few things...

Total Spent= $ 4.67
Total Savings=$ 8.39

Nov 2nd deals...

Monday night, Angie, Annikan and I were trying to find WalMart's .25 halloween deals. After going to 12th, and calling around, we went to Caldwell, to find they were the only store that still had some stuff left. Here's what I bought: (I'm not listing everything, but there is a costume, masks, window decorations, popcorn, spider rings, erasers, make up, napkins, bags, candy corn, swords, hair paint etc...)

Total spent= $ 12.72
Total savings= $ 140.00

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 26th deals...

I found 5 more Snuggle coupons awhile back, so I used them up the other day. Target had Snuggle sheets last week(105 ct. Sweet Almond scent) on clearance for $ 3.73- so I picked one up to try. The rest I got for FREE the other night at Fred Meyer using the in store coupon ($2.99 each) + the $ 3.oo off manufactured coupon. Chocolate chips were .99 each at Fred Meyer after using .50 off manufactured coupon + Albertsons double coupon.

* NOTE... Fred Meyer in Nampa will only let you use a total of 2 Albertson's double coupons, and they can only be up to .50 off coupons. (Goofy, I know, but better than nothing I guess!)

Total Spent= $ 5.79
Total savings= $ 16.00

October 23rd deals..

Last week I was able to profit $ 10.00 from buying Zantac at walgreens. After using the $ 5.oo internet printable coupon, I made 5 dollars on each box. I did 2 transactions and then used the $10.00 in RR's to buy my sons Halloween costume & candy!
2- Sure deodorant= FREE (after using in store coupon and $ 1.50 manufactured coupon)

2 Tree top Trim juices= .50 each (at Fred Meyer. Use in store coupon & $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)

2- Zantac= $ 10.00 money maker

Total Spent= .84

Total savings= $27.57

Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22nd deals...

Right now at Albertson's, they have their Tony's pizzas on sale for $ 1.79 each (You'll need the in store coupon & they are Limit 4). And if you go to, you can print 2 coupons for $ 1.00 off 2 Tony's pizza's. So, you can get them for $ 1.29 each! I know they aren't free, but for those nights you just don't want to cook, it's nice to have something quick & easy to throw in the oven!

Don't forget to get over to Walgreen's to get your FREE Sure deodorant too! They are on sale for $ 1.50 each with the in store coupon, plus we have $ 1.50 off manufactured coupons!(Limit 4)You'll pay .36 in tax for 4 of them!

Total spent= $ 5.97
Total savings= $ 20.16

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 20th deals...

Here are a few deals I got yesterday:

At Target:

7- Air wick I motion = FREE (on sale for $ 5.99- use $ 6.00 off manufactured coupon)I gave 2 to Tiffany! Normally $ 13.99 each!

At Walgreens:

1- Fusion razor= $ 1.01 money maker after coupon & RR (use $ 4.00 off manufactured coupon/receive $ 6.00 RR

1- box Zantac= $ 1.99 money maker after $ 2.00 off coupon (received in the mail)& $ 9.00 RR

Fred Meyer:

2- Cover girl mascara= FREE
2- Eye shadow= $1.49 each

(You will need 1 in store coupon for FREE mascara when you buy any Cover girl product + 2 $ 1.00 off any Cover girl manufactured coupons.)

Total spent= $6.64 (includes tax)
Total savings= $ 140.89

October 19th deals...

(Sorry these deals ended yesterday- I'm late getting these posted!)

16- boxes of tree top apple juice boxes= FREE
3- Lean pockets= .38 each
16- boxes of Cresst toothpaste= FREE
7- Breyers ice cream (not pictured) $ 1.49 each

Total Spent= $14.66
Total savings= $ 124.06

And I filled the van and used my .20 off per gallon= $47.15/saved $ 3.85

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 14th deals...

Here are my FREE deals of the day:

3- boxes of Snuggle dryer sheets= FREE from Family Dollar (after using $ 3.00 off manufacture coupon)

1- Fusion razor= FREE/ $ 1.01 MONEY MAKER from Walgreens (after $ 4.00 off manufacture coupon & $ 6.00 RR)

2- Healthy choice frozen dinners=FREE from Albertson's. On sale for $ 1.88 (use $ 2.00 off printable coupon)

Total Spent= tax
Total Savings= $ 23.00

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 12th deals...

Unfortunatly, my husband has really bad heart burn and has to take 1 Prilosec a day. If anyone else takes these, you know expensive these things are. I ran out 2 months ago of my HUGE 8 month supply I had, so I was in desprete need of another good sale- (it was killing me to buy them at full price)And sure enough, Target had 14 count boxes on clearance for $ 5.28, I was considering buying a bunch, but waited... and then in Sunday's paper, there was a $ 3.00 off coupon for Prilosec! Monday morning I was at target right when they opened and was able to buy 8 boxes! I was thrilled! I saved $ 66.48! Yeah!

8- boxes of Prilosec= $ 2.28 each (after clearanced price & using $ 3.00 off manufactured coupon)

4- trial size Tide detergent = FREE (after using $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
3- Kids crest toothpaste & toothbrush/found in travel section = FREE (after using $ 1.00 off kids crest toothpaste manufactured coupon)

Total Spent= $ 18.21 + tax
Total savings = $ 73.36

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 7th deals...

Yeah for the Quaker deal going on at Albertson's!!! I was even praying for this sale to hurry up and get here!
This morning my friend Angie and I were there at 6:00 AM to make sure we got the flavors we wanted. When you buy 10 items, $ 5.00 comes off your total instantly)I bought:

38- boxes of granola bars= .50 a box (after using $ 1.00/2 internet coupon)
12- boxes of instant oatmeal= .88 a box (after using $ 1.25/2 manufactured coupon)

Total Spent= $ 31.80
Total Savings= $ 157.00

October 6th deals...

Yesterday was the last day to use double coupons at Albertson's, so I picked up:

9- Rhodes rolls (these were .69 each/ SOOO yummy)
4- pizza rolls

Total Spent= $ 8.50
Total Savings=$ 28.16

October 5th deals...

Nothing stops after you have a baby, and there were so many great deals to be had, so we were out at Albertson's using some more double coupons!I picked up:

4- bags of Halloween candy
1- hot pocket
4- pizza rolls
4- Rhodes rolls
3- Dr.Pepper ice cream toppings
5- packs of Nestle cookies
8- pounds of chicken breasts

Total Spent= $ 15.08
Total Savings= $ 69.43

October 1st...

I gave birth to my 4th baby today! Willow was born at 1:45 PM after 18 minutes of pushing. She was 8 lbs. 7 oz & 20 1/2 inches long. We are both doing really well on day 6 now. (She weighs 8 lbs. 1 oz now and everything looked great at her app. on monday. (This is why I have been SOOO behind in getting my deals recorded)

September 30th deals...

Walgreens had a bunch of FREE items after RR's, so I picked up:

3- cough drops
3- flossers
5- medicine
3- Chapsticks
1- pack of seeds
3- boxes of candy
13- cans of chicken broth
2- Vasaline lotions
1 tooth brush

Total Spent= $ 13.36 (after coupons & RR's)
Total savings= $ 77.95

September 29th deals...

At Walgreens I picked up:

1- 48 count of Prilosec
1- pack of stickers
6- coloring books
1- barbie doll
4- boxes of candy

Total Spent= $ 23.34 (after coupons & RR's)
Total Savings= $ 24.04

September 23rd deals...

Yeah for more double coupons!At Albertson's I picked up:

4- packs of gum
14- boxes of fruit snacks

Total Spent= $ 6.45
Total Savings= $ 37.16

September 21st deals...

I picked up:
15 pounds of hamburger
4- cans of Aussie hair spray

Total Spent= .68 (gift card used and RR's factored in)
Total Savings= 37.98

September 25th deals...

I used my gas rewards and saved: $ 2.84

September 15th deals...

Albertsons had more double coupons this week. I picked up:

10- boxes of granola bars
1- Yoplait yogurt
1- Reeses peanut butter cup

Total Spent= $ 5.01
Total Savings=$ 38.35

September 14th deals...

Albertson's had a super sale on their Campbells soup( double coupons were also used).
I picked up:

30- cans of soup
5- Reeses peanut butter cups
1- febreze

Total Spent= $5.52 (after factoring in $ 5.00 catalina)
Total savings= $ 28.59

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Old Navy deals/August

Last month I picked up a few new things for the girls (mostly for Grace for next year, she never gets anything new!)I HARDLY ever buy brand new clothes, but when Old Navy does their additional 50% off clearance, I splurge and spend $ 1.74 for a tee shirt! I picked up 17 items.
Total Spent= $ 31.61
Total savings= $ 126.50

August/September deals...

9- First aid kits= FREE (after using $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
4- Lysol wipes= FREE after $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon + Albertson's double coupon)
5- Soup at Hand= FREE (they were marked down to .50 then I used .50 manufactured coupon)

Total Spent= .42
Total savings= $ 23.87

Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17th deals...

Albertson's is doing double coupons until tomorrow and I was thrilled about the FREE Juicy Juice this time! Great for school lunches!
I picked up:

9- boxes of Juicy juice= FREE after $ 1.00 off manufactured & double coupon
6- Glade Soy candles= FREE with manufactured coupon (up to $3.49 off)
4- Scotch tape= .25 each (in the clearanced section at back of store 7th/12th)
3- Roman Meal bread= .50 each after $ 1.00 off peelie & double coupon

Total spent= $ 4.45
Total savings= $ 81.78

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'll be teaching another coupon class- in Nampa

Get ready for another FREE coupon class! (in Nampa)
Mark your calendar for our upcoming coupon class! Like always, it will be FREE! There will be a donation box at the door if you have any item you wish to share, but no obligation, just come ready to learn more about coupons!

Where: 2212 E Amity, Nampa Idaho 83686
( Inside the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints building)
Nearest intersection: Powerline/Amity

When: August 18th @ 7:00 PM

All are welcome! We hope to see you there!

We will cover all the basic information so you leave confident to try couponing on your own!
You will learn:
* How to gather coupons
* How to organize your coupons
* How to match coupons with weekly sales
* How to save thousands of dollars a year
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

.30 gas rewards!

I saved $ 4.80 today on gas using my reward points!

FREE food after rebate!!!

Yes, I am very aware of all the junk food I've been buying lately, but really, I've needed it! We haven't had any of it in the house so it was time for a few good deals to come my way! Chips, candy bars, Pop tarts, sugar cereal and now cookies! The Lord really loves me because he's sent all these deals to me (as I hang my head in disbelief at every OB weight check)

Today at Albertson's, the Kraft rebate deal started. I was so stalked up on everything, and really all I needed was some cookies. There are a few coupons out there, but not for anything I bought. To get the free food, you have to spend $ 25.00 on participating items. After you pay for your items, a $ 5.00 catalina (or coupon) will print at the check stand + a rebate form. Send your reciept & rebate form to the address & you will receive a $ 20.00 check 6-8 weeks later! I LOVE FREE food! Thanks Kraft for making heavenly cookies that I will be eating at midnight!

Total Spent= $ 11.50 (also used my $ 15.00 in catalina's from last week)
(Recieved a $ 5.00 catalina + will receive a $ 20.00 rebate check!)
Total savings= $ 21.80

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 7th deals...

So, this one is going to be a little crazy because of all the transactions/return...

I orginally went to Albertson's to get the free water coupon when you buy 4 chex & 4 Fiber one bars, plus I picked up 2 Ragu & 2 All detergent's to get me to my $ 30.00 total. My transaction went fine, except it didn't print my 2 water catalina's (my whole reason for doing the transaction to begin with!) After waiting 25 minutes with another lady whose catalina didn't print either, the manager found out that the sale had ended days ago... UGG

Total Spent= $ 8.44 (was expecting $ 9.00 in water coupons, darn!)
Total savings= $ 44.74 - $ 9.54 in return value = $35.20

But, I wanted my water! So I had to pay 2.77 each + my 2 boxes of butter for $ 1.47 each.

Total Spent= $ 3.99 (used $ 5.00 catalina)
Total Savings= $ 14.96

So... when I went to the other Albertson's, to return a movie, I returned 6 out of the 8 boxes of Chex & Fiber one bars (we tried a box and were not thrilled with them anyway),knowing I was going to do another transaction, and Albertson's was going to get their money right back, I didn't feel bad about returning those items (some people will buy items using coupons/get things for free & then return the items and get the full price back in return and profit off the store. Personally, I think it is dishonest, even though the store gets reinbursed for the coupon value, I believe the intent is wrong, therefore, I HARDLY ever return items,and when I do, like in this case, I turned around with the gift card they gave me ($ 15.90 )and used it on other products, so it was really like an exchange. I didn't walk out with cash in hand profiting off the store. (Those are just my feelings. I truly believe what goes around, comes around)

So... I bought:
6- All detergents
5- cereal
1- Milky Way= (FREE with coupon from mail)

Total Spent= .0 (used gift card) + recieved $ 15.00 in catalina's from promo
Total savings= $ 48.38

***I do make my own detergent, but these were so cheap, plus it's nice to have a few on hand!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 3rd deals...

Yesterday I bought 14 cans of Pringles for $ 21.00/ Apart of the spend 20, get 5 back
I used 7 $ 1/2 manufactured coupons (new total $ 14.00)
Then I used 7 double coupons (new total $ 7.00)
Next I used 1 $ 5.00 catalina (new total $ 2.00)
Paid $ 2.84
Received $ 5.00 catalina!
Money maker= $ 2.16+ 14 cans of Pringles!

Total savings= $ 24.46

Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3rd deals...

******New update******

Who knows what's going on with this sale!!!! Some ladies are having no problem, some stores are having tons of problems, other ladies are able to buy the items on the lower part of the ad, some are not- AUGG.... sorry for those of you trying to do these deals. Corporate missed over 100 upc's on this deal, so it's been a nightmare in some places! Hopefully you'll have great luck!

We (Mark from 7th & 12th & I) just discovered a few things about this sale that I had to share. This is at least at his store, let us know what you run into at your stores...)

*You can only do 2 sale transactions a day if you want your catalina's to print. (I did 2 at 12th & Greenhurst and then went to 7th & 12th after my Dr. app to get the sauce and my catalina's didn't print.) He tried a bunch of different ways to get them to print, made sure I had the right sizes, etc... and then decided to try a different perferred card- and it worked, meaning, it would only allow my card those first 2 transactions.

*They are allowing you to use all 7 of the different double coupons in 1 transaction, even though they are all numbered 1-3, they came out of 3 different ads!!! Incredible! That could be a huge money maker! (Too bad I have to wait until tomorrow to use my card again!)

* The items on the lower half of the ad, are not apart of the deal. A lady bought some of the Lipton noodles priced at a dollar and her catalina's did not print, Mark, let her know those items are NOT apart of the deal. (Hamburger helper, betty crocker potatoes, Ben & Jerry's Breyers ice cream, all, macaroni grill dinners & snapple)

I just bought 18 jars of Ragu sauce for $ 4.00! I was thrilled because I just ran out of my year supply, too! That = .22 a jar.
I used 9 $ 1/2 internet coupons & 2 double coupons, & my $ 15.00 catalina.

Total Spent= $ 5.68
Total savings=$ 57.02

August 3rd deals...

I was thrilled about the sale that started yesterday at Albertson's! When you spend $ 30.00 on participating items, you get a $ 15.00 catalina! I was in need of some junk cereal (I have a billion boxes of the healthy stuff!)and it turned out to be a great price after a bunch of internet coupons and a few double coupons and 3 transactions. I bought:

4- boxes of Cinnamon toast crunch
9- boxes of Reeses puffs
6- boxes of honey nut cheerios
6- boxes of cookie crisp
2- boxes of yo plus yogurt
8 cups of Albertson's yogurt
3- bottles of Ragu spegetti sauce

Total Spent= $ 15.55 (factoring in $ 15.00 catalina & tax) plus I have 15.00 more on my next trip!
Total Savings= $ 108.70


*I just found out that Albertson's on 12th & 7th are allowing all 7 double coupons on 1 transactions (they are all numbered 1-3, but came out of 3 different ads)!!! I wish I would have known that before I did my 3 transactions, it would have been a huge money maker, oh well, you can't win them all!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 1st deals...

Last week a great candy bar coupon came out for $ 1.00 off any 2 candy bars. Right now at Wal Mart they are .50 each making them FREE! I got 13 for FREE last week (used 6 coupons+ 1 coupon that I received in the mail for a free one) and then I bought 15 more coupons off E bay for 4.99. So I picked up 30 more candy bars yesterday with those coupons. (I'm pregnant, what can I say???)They averaged out to be .15 a candy bar after I factor in the $ spent on coupons & tax. And really, at midnight, when all I want is chocolate, I'm glad I spent a few extra dollars! (and yes, there are a few missing from the picture)

Total Spent= 6.45 ($ 4.99 for coupons + tax for 43 candy bars)
Total Savings= $ 15.05

August 1st deals...

Right now Albertson's is doubling coupons, and right now their BIC pens are .50 each.I purchased 12 packs making my total $ 6.00, gave them my 3 internet coupons, making my total $ 3.00, then gave them my 3 double coupons, making my total .0
(I printed 3 internet coupons for $ 1.00 off 2 BIC products)

Total Spent= .18
Total savings= $ 31.08

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 29th deals...

I price matched the Albertson's Pop Tarts for $ 1.00 each at WalMart. I picked up 10 boxes. After the $ 10.00 Kelloggs mail in rebate these will be FREE. (It states on the rebate form, the 10 items must be purchased in the same transaction, which is why I price matched at WalMart. At Albertson's, you could only buy 5 at a time to get the dollar price, which means you would have to do 2 transactions to get the $ 1.00 price & the 10 qualifying items. I didn't want to chance not getting my rebate because they were on 2 different reciepts,. There are also .55 blueberry IP coupons out there, but I adore the Smores & strawberry ones!)

Total Spent= $ 10.60/ (FREE after rebate)
Total savings= $ 9.20

July 29th deals...

At Albertson's I picked up:

4- cups of yogurt= .13 each (after using .75 IP off any yogurt & double coupon)
4-packages of Bic pens= FREE (using $ 1/2 IP & double coupon)

Total Spent= .64
Total Savings= $12.46

July 24th deals...

I won't worry about the details, because this deal is over, but I was able to get:
1- package of Sparkle paper towels= .25
1- package of toilet paper= .25
17-packages of disposable gloves= FREE

(It would have all been FREE + another toilet paper & paper towel if I would have had the other IP, but I only had 1. I was fine with paying .50 for all of it!)

Total Spent= 1.37 (includes tax)
Total Savings= $ 42.71

.25 off gas...

I LOVE the gas rewards program at Albertson's! Free food + cheaper gas= 1 happy lady!
I don't have my reciept, but I saved $ 4.50 the last time I filled up.

Total Spent= (approx.) $ 41.40
Total Savings= $ 4.50

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15th deals...

A girl can never have too much ice cream!

Right now you can get FREE pint size Breyers ice cream at Albertson's when you print the $1/2 internet coupon (from and use the Albertson's double coupon! I picked up 4 this morning.

I just got back from Nampa Walmart 12th/Greenhurst, where I price matched the ice cream there and was able to use my Albertson's catalina's there too! I bought 13 more pints and only spent $ 3.00 for all of them! Yeah!!

Total Spent= 3.24 (for 17 pints!)
Total savings= $ 25.89

July 13th deals...

I used my .45 off gas rewards at Albertson's the other day and saved $ 8.03! I was super happy! Not only do I get FREE/cheap food, but I also save on my gas! gotta love it!

Total Spent= $ 39.08
Total Savings= $ 8.03

July 13th deals...

I missed out on all the FREE Bologna last week, so my friend picked up a rain check for me after the deal was over. I was able to pick some up the other day using my $ 1/2 manufactured & Albertson's double coupon making them FREE! I normally don't buy bologna, but FREE lunch meat is great and the Rescue Mission is ALWAYS in need of meat products! Plus I received another $ 2.00 off survey coupon! This was a $ 1.64 money maker for me!

12- packages of Bologna= FREE/ $ 1.64 MONEY MAKER! (factoring in $ 2.00 survey coupon)

Total Spent= $ .36
Total savings= $ 41.88

Friday, July 10, 2009

Get ready is all I can say... Garriety Walmart in Nampa is accepting Albertson's double coupons!!!


The Nampa, Garrity store is accepting Albertson's double coupons right now!!! I would suggest getting yourself over there right away because once the word is out, it is going to be insain,(just like it was in Janurary @ the meridian store)
My friend Angie and I went and spent 6 1/2 hours there tonight and had a blast! We ran into Katie & Tamra and had fun in the check out lane with them until after 2:00 AM!

YOU WILL NEED THE ALBERTSON'S DOUBLE COUPONS IN ADDITION TO YOUR MANUFACTURED COUPONS. (I took my kids to a bunch of different stores collecting coupons tonight!)
*As of tonight, they were NOT limiting how many coupons/doublers you could use! Yeah!
* You WILL NOT receive overage, but will receive the item for free if it is less than the coupon amount.
*You can use up to $ 1.00 off coupon.
* It should last as long as the Albertson's ad does (but I doubt it will last very long due to the amount of ladies I'm sure will be doing it & the time it takes to check out!)
*If you can avoid bringing your kids,do it, unless you're just picking up a few items. It took FOREVER to check out!
*They are accepting Internet printable coupons or manufactured coupons from the paper
Here's what I bought, all using double coupons (if not specified):

9- White cloud toilet papers= FREE (use $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
5- L.A. Looks hair gel= FREE (use $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
2- Johnson & Johnson baby shampoos= .17 each (use $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon )
2- Johnson & Johnson baby lotions= .17 each (use $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
2- Johnson & Johnson aloe lotions= 17 each (use $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
2- Johnson & Johnson cotton swabs= FREE (use $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
2- Johnson & Johnson baby powders= .17 each (use $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
2- Hefty storage bags= FREE (no double coupon needed. Use $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
9- band Aids= FREE (use $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
3- Suave deodorants= FREE (use .75 off manufactured coupon)
1- Fiber one yogurt= .08 (use $ 1.00 IP coupon)
16- cans of green chillis= FREE (use $ 1/2 manufactured coupon)
2- Reach dental floss= FREE (use $ .50 off manufactured coupon)
3- Old Spice deodorants= FREE (use $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
6- bags of Tyson chicken= .50 each (use $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
1- Daisy sour cream 16 oz. = 66 (use .50 off manufactured coupon)
1- Diginoros Flatbread = .50 (use $ 1.00 off manufactured coupon)
1- California pizza= .50 (use 1.00 off manufactured coupon)

Total Spent= $ 8.24 (including tax)
Total Savings= $ 109.04

* And now it is almost 4:00 AM!!! My 2 year old has already woke up twice since I've been home, my 4 year old has been up once crying about her princess pajamas, my husband came out to see what I was doing, his alarm clock will go off in a hour @ 4:45 AM for work plus I have to put this stuff away and get to bed so I can attempt to sleep before my alarm goes off in 3 hours! And yes, we have swim lessons first thing at 9:00 AM! Oh, help me Lord get through the day! What I won't do for a good deal! Thanks Angie for a great night of laughs, Peanut Butter M& M's and great memories! ((My time is off on my blog, it really is almost 4:00 AM!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8th deals...

I went to Albertson's this morning to pick up a few things. I'm glad it's a slower week, I mostly wanted the water! I bought:

4- cases of water= $ 2.50 each (no coupons used or needed. Limit 4)
20- Easy macs= FREE (after -$5.00 Epic promo & 5 B1G1 Free coupons)
2- Tony 10 oz pizzas= .25 each after $1/2 IP & double coupon)

Total spent= $ 9.79 (used $ 2.00 survey coupon)
Total savings= $ 51.18

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7th deals... Everything was FREE + I made $ 5.56

Can I just say how much I love Albertson's! I went tonight because I noticed we just received a $ 1.00 coupon for Oral B toothbrushes, and I noticed the other day they had some on clearance. I was able to pick up 7 of them for FREE!
(They had a few left at Nampa 12th/Greenhurst, but were sold out at Nampa 7th & 12th)

I then decided to pick up a few side dishes and 1 more toothbrush with my last double coupons. I was talking to a girl from church and didn't seperate my 2 transactions (because there wasn't a divider) and by the time my transaction was done, I realized mt total was off, and she had combined both transactions. She was a super nice checker and said " Oh,I know how I can fix it", so she took my next set of coupons and double coupons and gave me the amount of the coupons back in cash!It equaled $ 5.39! That hardly ever happens, but I walked away a happy camper!

* Plus I received another $ 2.00 off survey coupon!

Total Spent= $1.83 (includes tax)
Total Savings= $ 43.84
Total Profited= $ 5.56 (factoring in $ 2.00 survey too)