Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FREE food after rebate!!!

Yes, I am very aware of all the junk food I've been buying lately, but really, I've needed it! We haven't had any of it in the house so it was time for a few good deals to come my way! Chips, candy bars, Pop tarts, sugar cereal and now cookies! The Lord really loves me because he's sent all these deals to me (as I hang my head in disbelief at every OB weight check)

Today at Albertson's, the Kraft rebate deal started. I was so stalked up on everything, and really all I needed was some cookies. There are a few coupons out there, but not for anything I bought. To get the free food, you have to spend $ 25.00 on participating items. After you pay for your items, a $ 5.00 catalina (or coupon) will print at the check stand + a rebate form. Send your reciept & rebate form to the address & you will receive a $ 20.00 check 6-8 weeks later! I LOVE FREE food! Thanks Kraft for making heavenly cookies that I will be eating at midnight!

Total Spent= $ 11.50 (also used my $ 15.00 in catalina's from last week)
(Recieved a $ 5.00 catalina + will receive a $ 20.00 rebate check!)
Total savings= $ 21.80

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