Friday, January 16, 2009


Even I realize I have done A TON of shopping these past 2 weeks, and normally it isn't this crazy, it's just a lot of after Christmas sales and Winter clothes going on Clearance all at the same time! And not to mention the incredible Albertson's sale that went on. I am stocked up on SO much, which is great! Hopefully these shopping trips will mellow out soon because yesterday felt heavenly to stay home for most the day (I only made one trip to Wal Mart and only because I was almost out of milk!)

Jan 16th deals...

The Old Navy here just went an additional 50% this morning, so I went out to see what they had. I realized my first trip was mostly for Grace & Tristin & in their current sizes (a few things for Daisy, but not much and nothing for next year.) So I was thrilled when I found a ton for Daisy & for NEXT year! I exchanged a few of Tristin's to a bigger size and will put those away for next year as well. I was really happy to find some more things for Tristin now that he's in school. So this trip consisted of 24 items: 11 shirts for Daisy, 3 pairs of pants/jeans for Daisy, 1 coat for her, 2 coats for Tristin, 4 shirts/sweatshirts, 1 hat & a pair of jeans for Grace. I have LOTS for next year now! Full price would have been $ 384.00!
Total Spent= $ 71.31
Total Savings= $ 312.69

Jan 15th deals...

Chelsea & I made a Target run after my Birthday dinner and I found a few things: I got 4 FREE Buddie Bars, 2 pairs of shoes for Daisy, 1 turtlneck, 1 pair of panties, 1 Speed Racer car & 1 lunch bag for Tristin. My toal was $ 14.53
Total Spent= 0 (used gift cards from Amber & Tammy, thank you!)
Total Savings= $ 31.58

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 15th deals...

The kids LOVE these bars of soap, so I hopped on E bay and bought 20 coupons the other day. They are normally priced .97 at Wal Mart & Target, so they are FREE!
Total Spent= $ 2.91 (for coupons & shipping on E-bay)
Total Savings= $ 16.48

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 14th deals...

Today Old Navy started their ADDITIONAL 50% off their clerance prices, so we went out and spent 3 hours shopping! (girlfriends came out too, so it was fun) I got 45 items: 10 sets of PJ's, 2 boots, 16 shirts for the girls, 5 pairs of pants for the girls, 2 baby outfits, a coat for Tristin, 3 sweatshirts for Tristin, 1 pair of pants for Tristin & 2 shirts for him! Full price would have been
$ 608.97!!! I always buy bigger sizes for the next year, so I was happy with today's beautiful purchases!
Total Spent= $ 91.14
Total Savings= $ 517.83

Jan 14th deals...

My shopping trip to Albertson's this morning went well. I was able to get the dinosaur oatmeal that the kids love so much & the fruity kind that I love- so there's 16 more boxes! They ranged between .50 -.80 per box (I had a bunch of different coupons) And then for .25 a box, I picked up some Rice Krispies & Raisin Bran. Tape was clearenced down to .25, so I grabbed those too. plus, hamburger was on sale and I really needed some, so I grabbed 5 pounds (I cook it all and then put it into smaller bags and then freeze them)
Total Spent= $ 6.62 (I used my $ 20.00 catalina!)
Total savings= $ 122.26

Jan 13th deals...

I used my Bath & Body works coupon and was able to get my body spray for free! I paid
$ 3.18, for the hand soap (so for $ 3.18, I got my yummy pink grapefruit soap & body spray- 2 items I'm in LOVE with! I was happy!) The Bath Buddies were FREE at Target with my coupons!

Total Spent= $ 3.18
Total Savings= $ 14.72

I was able to find a bunch of things on clearence for the kids at Target tonight. (a lot of solid colors)! For Tristin I found: 2 tee shirts, 1 Polo shirt, 1 sweatshirt & 1 long sleeved shirt. For Daisy I found: 1 red skirt, 1 turtleneck (which I'm not wild about, but they're great for winter under their sweaters), 1 pair of leggings & 2 pair of pink gloves. For Grace I found: 3 turtlenecks (they were .94!) and I found 2 pair of adorable baby silver converse shoes!
Total Spent= $ 27.07
Total Savings= $ 84.70

My darling husband bought me a Michael's gift cert. for my birthday, so I went shopping ALL BY MYSELF tonight! It was Heaven to walk around and pick out what ever I wanted without a screaming 2 year old and a 3 year old that loves to go potty at every store! I bought 21 pieces of paper on clearence for .14 each! And I picked out 8 spools of ribbon (hair bows here I come!), 2 packs of greeting cards, an adorable stamp set & some butterfly chipboards!
Total Spent= 0 (gift cert.)
Total savings= $ 36.23

And I stopped at Goodwill and found some wrapping paper!
Total Spent= .53
Total Savings= $ 3.49

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 12th deals...

Thank Heaven this sale ends tomorrow! I just got back from another Albertson's trip with my friend Jen! She had been out of town and I was going crazy because I didn't want her to miss out on the diaper/wipe deal, so she was able to get some, and I couldn't resist a few more! 6 packs of Pull Ups, for $ 2.33 each, wipes for .89 and Prilosec went up in price, but I still saved $ 6.00 off it, so I'm happy!
Total Spent= $ 39.80 (But I still have $ 20.00 off my next trip!!!)
Total Savings= $ 119.38

I scored at K-Mart today! ( I got the 6 bottles of Suave lotion for free at Wal Mart) They are doing double coupons AGAIN, but up to $ 2.00 this week! Love it! Almost everything was free today. I payed $ 1.16, for 4 things of Pantene moouse & gel, the rest was tax!
Total Spent= $ 3.80
Total Savings= $ 79.83