Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 14th deals...

My shopping trip to Albertson's this morning went well. I was able to get the dinosaur oatmeal that the kids love so much & the fruity kind that I love- so there's 16 more boxes! They ranged between .50 -.80 per box (I had a bunch of different coupons) And then for .25 a box, I picked up some Rice Krispies & Raisin Bran. Tape was clearenced down to .25, so I grabbed those too. plus, hamburger was on sale and I really needed some, so I grabbed 5 pounds (I cook it all and then put it into smaller bags and then freeze them)
Total Spent= $ 6.62 (I used my $ 20.00 catalina!)
Total savings= $ 122.26

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