Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9th deals...

I had to pick up more diapers & wipes. The deal is just too good to be true! I do have to stop sometime because I've spent a lot this week and I've been out shopping everyday! I want a day where I'm not obsessed with a deal and can stay home in my PJ's! I paid $ 1.33 for 6 of my Pull Ups and 3.33 for 3 (I didn't have my 4th $ 5.00 off catalina) ! It's absoultly UNREAL!!! And I paid .89 cents for wipes again! Plus, I still have $ 15.00 to use on anything else!

Total Spent= $ 26.61
Total Savings= $ 133.35

I had to stock up on paper towels and for $ 3.15 a package, I couldn't afford NOT to!

Total Spent= $ 9.46
Total Savings= $ 47.12

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