Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan 25th deals...

Travis adores these for his lunch at work, so every once inawhile I'll pick them up. They are usually a full meal for him, so when they are under $ 2.00, I grab a few. At Fred Meyer I picked up: (and I couldn't find the ecoupon, darn it. I printed some for the steamers, but never found the other's!)

6- Marie Cal.= 6 for $ 9.00 Or $ 1.50 each (used 1 $ 1.00 off steamer)
4- packs of Extra gum= .04 each (used .75 printable)

Total Savings= $ 10.50

(I will print the other coupons and price match at Wal Mart, Freddy's selection wasn't the greatest today!)

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