Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't shop at Walgreens at 4:00 AM!

I decided to go to Walgreens this morning at 4:oo AM because I couldn't sleep, and naturally, I had a super-fabulous shopping experience that I had to share...

Tranaction # 1= Glucose monitor

Problem: Checker didn't know how to use the manufactured coupon. Calls manager over.
He tells her to write $ 14.99 on the coupon and deduct the amount.

Good news: I recieve My $ 5.00 RR

Transaction # 2= Nivia body wash & high lighter

Problem: The highlighter rings up at the wrong clearanced price. Checker calls manager over.

Good news: manager tells her correct price, checker fixes the problem and I recieve my next $ 5.00 RR

Transaction # 3= 2 packages of Pull Ups

Problem # 1: The Catalina machine jams and checker cannot fix the problem.
Problem # 2:Then she informs me that if I have other items with RR's, I will not be able to get them because it is jammed. Nicely I ask, " Can we use another register then?" Irrated, she calls over the manager, AGAIN and tells him it won't print.
Problem # 3: The manager looks at my diapers & manufactured coupons and says, " It won't print because you can't use manufactured coupons and get a RR back." SERIOULSLY!! I'm thinking! I nicely say, " But I used a coupon for the moniter and my RR printed just fine. And that's not even the problem, it's the machine, it is jammed, can we use a different one?"
Problem # 4:He said "No." but unjams the machine and then continued to tell me I needed to buy another item if I wanted it to work. Looking at my coupons, I realized, I forget to grab another highlighter as my filler (so I could use all my coupons/RR's, because I was rolling them ) MY MISTAKE!!.So I apoligized and said, "Well, lets just ring up another highlighter then.
Problem # 5: Someone comes up behind me in line.
Problem # 6: The highlighter rings up at the wrong price again. Manager helps her and then walks away.
Problem # 7: The manager lied to me about opening another register because he says to the guy behind me, " I can help you over on this register?"
Problem # 8: The checker then looks at me and says, I can't use that (my RR, that wouldn't work previous to them adding the highlighter), "Will you try now? I asked nicely. Magically, IT WORKED! I recieved my $ 2.00 RR

Transaction # 4: 3 Suave hair products. Used manufactured coupon & recieved my $ 2.00 RR

Seriously, could it have been any more difficult????????? The checker was getting all huffy & puffy and She even asked the manager half way through, "Can't I ring up all these in 1 transaction?" What else was she doing at 4:00 in the morning? Really??? I thanked them both for helping me and kindly walked out of the store. GRRRR....

( I can't find my reciept, but this is super close..)

Total Spent= $ 7.75 after coupons & RR's)
Total savings= $ 37.23


  1. ugh! i hate rude cashiers!! good job tho :)

  2. seriously i HATE walgreens! it's always like that. i agree, what else can you be doing at 4AM, besides...this is your JOB, be thankful you have it lady! I've stopped going...

  3. hi Emily- I am not stalking you, but I was just going through our site meter and found your blog. How was your Nampa Library class? Thanks for the link! Love the discount queen blog.

  4. Ugh, just read your post here. That is terrible. You did good though.