Friday, January 23, 2009

Jan 23rd deals...

I was happy with my purchases today. After going to a few Walgreens, I found the Extra gum. (Good thing we have a few here in town!) They were .33 a pack. I bought 15 of them! I saved almost $ 13.00 just on those! I was able to price match the yogurt at WalMart, and after my coupon, they were .50 each (I REALLY like this yogurt, it's all I but now.)and I got 11 packs of wipes. 1 was free and the others were .02 a pack.
Total Spent= $ 7.95
Total Savings= $ 28.73


  1. What did u use to get the wipes for so cheap?


  2. Andrea, after you left you're e mail for me awhile ago, I wrote a long response to you and then couldn't send it!! Can I have your e mail address again, maybe I had it wrong. I haven't been ignoring your questions, I promise! I used the Huggies $ 1.00 off Bath & Body coupon. Take Care!!