Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb 5th deals...

I went to both my Albertsons again this morning after dropping Tristin off at school. I grabbed a paper from our neighbors house that moved awhile ago and there were Albertson's double coupons in it! And then when I got to the store, I asked for 1 at the desk. I was able to do 2 transactions! I picked up 8 more boxes of Dove soap (I have 21 now! yeah for laundry detergent!!) And then when I went to the other store, I was putting the girls in those GINORMOUS butterfly carts anf there just happened to be an ad in there too! So I did 2 tranactions at that store! I picked up: 2 more FREE bottles of Lorel kids shampoo (took a survey and was able to print 2 coupons. Go to crazycouponlady.blogspot for the link), 4 bottles of strawberry milk for FREE after all the coupons, 3 bags of rice cakes for FREE after coupons, & 1 tube of kids toothpaste for .30!

Total Spent= $ 4.06
Total Savings= $74.79

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