Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb 5th deals...

So, my friends and I went out this afternoon to 3 of our Albertsons to get some more deals. (And yes, I'm sick of shopping, I've made 5 trips already today!) This is several transactions, but I got: 8 more boxes of soap, 8 more bags of goldfish, 2 chocolate milks, 2 shaving gels, 1 2 pack kids toothbrush, 1 crunch & munch, & 12 bags of rice cakes.
Total Spent= $ 9.71 (tax included)
Total Savings= $ 109.67


  1. okay i am having a hard time figuring out the milk deal, is it on a sale because i didn't see it on sale? thanks JoAnn

  2. Right now the milk is on sale for $ 1.00. There is a manufactured coupon from a few weeks ago (I think, it's hard to keep track) for $ 1.00 off when you buy 2, but because Albertson doubles it, you get $ 2.00 off 2! Does that help?