Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb 4th deals...

I LOVE Albertson's double coupon weeks! They never do it, but this week they are (and last month they did)This afternoon, I got 9 boxes (6 bars in each) of Dove soap for .33 each!, 2 cans of Manwich for .50 each, 1 box of Quaker Simply Delights for .50, 4 FREE bags of Quaker rice cakes & 2 bags of Alfredo noodles for .25 each. I went to both of our Albertson for this these transactions. (At my store, they'll let you do a few, where the other store limited it to 1)
Total Spent= $ 5.98
Total savings= $ 70.06

This morning I stopped at Albertsons and picked up: 2 bags of Tator Tots for .99 each, 8 bags of goldfish crackers for .50 each, 4 Pizza Rolls for .30 each (could not use my internet coupon on these, says Do not double or triple, and my cashier wouldn't take them so I used my .35 Manufactured ones instead), 4 boxes of Macaroni Grill dinners for $ 1.50 each and a bag of Tyson frozen chicken breasts for .99!

Total Spent = $ 15.59
Total savings= $ 53.24


  1. They are taking the 3 / $5.00 Fred Meyer Coupons on the Ocean Spray juice. Use 9 - $1.00 off Manufacture Coupons and doubling 4 of them. Anyways, I got 9 juices for $2.68. Target raised their price and so it is cheaper at Albies this week.

  2. I'm new to checking out your blog. Brooke told me about it!
    I was excited to see the dove was such a good price, but when I went to my Albies, in Pocatello, the ones that were 3 for 7 were the 2 pack! Thats pretty lame!! Do the store prices really very by that much??