Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb 4th deals...

So, I've been to Albertson's 6 different times today, but there are some great deals, if you don't mind making a billion trips. The reason for all the trips is because people were stealing all the ads last time for the double coupons, so now they are keeping them behind the counter and only giving you 1 per trip. Anyway, I went out with Tammy & Annikan tonight and picked up a few more things until midnight! I bought 4 more boxes of soap for .33 a box, picked up 5 Huggies Cleanteam wipes for .29 each, got 2 FREE bottles of kids Loreal shampoo (Thanks for the site Heather!), 4 bottles of FREE strawberry milk & 1 bottle of Cinnimon/Vanilla Coffee mate for .17 (for my hot chocolate!)

Total Spent= $ 1.33 ( I had a $ 2.66 return and used that toward my total)
Total Savings= $ 47.20

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