Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feb 19th deals...

I made another Albertson's trip to get my 12 FREE cans of Progresso soup!!!! And free fruit snacks!! ( I made .50 to take home 6 boxes of fruit snacks! My store had $ 1.00 off /2 coupons, so i used 3 of those and then recieved a $ 3.50 coupon at the end!)
(for the soup coupons: go to, scroll to the post titled: Printables Galore! and you can print them from there. Make sure to print 2 of each coupon) And I picked up 2 boxes of lemon bars. (That was almost $ 36.00 worth of FREE soup!! Who can spend full price on anything???)

Total Spent= $ 3.54 (tax included. Does anyone else hate tax???)
Total savings= $ 53.60


  1. Good I am glad you got the free soup too. I did the sale last night and was so excited, after tax i paid $2.60 for 20 cans of the soup!! You have really kicked my shopping into a higher gear, thanks!

  2. I am LOVING this weeks deals!!! How can we pass them up???

  3. I love to follow your blog! You are a amazing! I see what you do and try to follow in a smaller version. Thank you for all your knowledge and keep the good deals coming!