Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 18th deals...

*** JUST A LITTLE TIP: If there are items you want to stock up on, go to E bay soon, and buy 10-20 of the coupons you want, they should be here before the sale ends and then you can get more deals! I bought 20 Progresso soup coupons off E bay yesterday because I need to stock up on my year supply of soup***

What a beautiful trip to Albertson's this morning! The deal going on right now is- buy 10 participating items/receive a $ 10.00 coupon good on your next purchase! The awesome thing about Albertson's, is that you can use the $ 10.00 off coupon you just received, on your next transaction! (You don't have to leave the store and come back to do another transaction- you just seperate your 10 items, buy those, grab your coupon, put your next 10 items up, use your $ 10.00 off coupon, pay for that, etc... I did 9 transactions and used my $ 10.00 off coupon for each one. Then, on your last transaction, you still receive another $ 10.00 coupon to use later! it's wonderful!!! The totals for these deals are after you factor in the $ 10.00 coupon- so... this is what I bought:

20 cans of Progresso soup (used 10 .50/2 manufactured coupons= .25 each)
18 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks (used .50/2 manufactured & .75/3 printables & recieved $ 3.50 coupon for every 5 I bought) =.25 each
30 cans of PillsburyGrands bisquits (used 10 .75/3 coupons)= FREE
10 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mixes (No coupons needed.) =.25 each
5 Betty Crocker cookie pouches (used 5 .50 off coupons) = .17 each
5 tubs of Betty Crocker frosting (used 5 .50 off manufactured coupons) = .17 each
2 boxes of Supreme Brownies (used 1 .50/2 manufactured coupon) = .75 each

Total Spent= $ 12.05
Total savings= $ 207.68

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  1. Hello. I am new to your blog and love it. I have been trying to use more coupons and save more money for about 4 months now and you are an inspiration! I was wondering, where do you get most of your coupons??? I get mine from the Sunday paper and some online sites, but I never seem to get 'enough' so that I end up getting great deals like you. Any help would be appreciated!!