Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 16th deals...

***JUST A NOTE... I don't to mis lead anyone about the K-mart deal I did last night. Just so you know, it is VERY rare that a store will pay you in cash, normally if OVERAGE is earned, it goes toward your other purchases. Also, I did not do this deal, knowing/expecting to recieve any $ back. I thought they were .99 each. I did know, however, that I would make .20 overage (.01 for each bottle & I picked up 20), which is why I bought a candy bar as my "filler item", so I wouldn't come out ahead, but I had no idea, they were actually .50 each instead, causing me to go -$ 8.69. But after the manager looked it over, and okayed the transaction, it was fine. I just wanted to clarify for those of you just starting out: don't expect to recieve $ back from a store. Like I mentioned before, if you do receive OVERAGE, it will be applied to your other items, I hope that helps!***

We stopped by Target tonight to let Daisy pick out a present with some of her B-day money. I picked up 4 goldfish for .16 each (using 2 $ 1.00/2 manufactured coupons & 4 Target printable coupons) 1 bag of Stacy's pita chips for $ 1.00 after using my $ 1.50 off manufactured coupon & 1 barbie movie.
Total Spent= .86 (after gift card)
Total savings = $ 12.75

Then we went to K Mart so I could pick up some FREE Sunsilk conditioner (they are .99 each and I used 10 $ 2.00/2 manufactured coupons. After she was done ringing me up it showed
- $ 8.69. I looked closer and saw that the conditioner rang up at .50 instead, I tried explaining, but she couldn't figure it out, so she called the manager over, she looked it over and said, "Yes, give her $ 8.69 back." Well, fine by me! 20 FREE bottles of conditioner, a FREE Twix candy bar & $ 8.69 in CASH BACK!!! It was a great night (that never happens by the way, but the manager okayed it, they will get their $ 20.00 reinbursment back from the coupons, so its a win/win!!!)

Total Spent= 0 ( RECIEVED $ 8.69 IN CASH BACK!!!!)
Total Savings= $ 20.47


  1. isn't very often you get CASH back...way to go!! I will have to do some of these deals

  2. Where did you find the Gold Fish Manufacture coupon? Was it a peelie or tearpad coupon?

  3. I am glad you added that little side note. I really appreciate it.

  4. where do you people get all of your coupons? I am just amazed at how much you can save and other than the printables I see listed on blogs and the occasional ones that come in the mail I get nothing. Where should I start?

  5. Shaylah,

    I recommend if you want to start out small, get 1-5 papers, if you plan to stockpile a lot, get 5-10 papers a week. That's the first place to start. Either subscribe for all of them & have them delivered, or go to your local gas station/store and buy a bunch there. After that, start asking family, friends & neighbors for their coupons. When there is an awesome deal, I buy coupons off E bay too. In addition, I'm always looking for tearpads & peelies at the store because you never know when that item will go on sale! And there are a kabillion sites to print internet coupons from! Good luck!

  6. I couldn't find the goldfish Manufacturer coupon anywhere? Anyone find it?

  7. The goldfish coupon came off the bags of crackers I bought 2 weeks ago. I just peeled them off and used them at Target. Other than those, I don't know of any other manufactured coupons out there right now.

  8. Yes, the Sunsilk is always priced at .99. It's the trial size! Good luck!!