Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 18th deals...

I went to Albertson's again this afternoon to help Annikan get her deals & had to pick up a few more things! I bought:
69 cans of Grands bisquits
(I have a lot of friends who don't coupon
who will love me for getting them some & the Rescue Mission)
4 Progresso soups
6 brownie mixes
1 cake mix

Total Spent= $ 10.53 (I still have a $ 10.00 catalina too!)
Total Savings= $ 217.64


  1. so do you have coupons for all 69 cans of biscuits? and where do you store them? i would love this deal, but don't know where to put them. are they freezable?

  2. Jilene,

    I did have coupons for all the biscuits. They were either .75 off 3 or .50 off 2. Out store manager had a HUGE stack of coupons out and was giving out handfuls. I am giving a TON of them to friends/family/community- but I also have 2 freezers and 1 fridge in the house & 1 in the shed, so I can store mine easily. I'll let everyone know how they freeze!