Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb 2oth deals...

I think this was my last trip to Albertson's (except I'll have to get my soup after my coupons arrive. I bought 20 coupons off E bay, so when they come, I'll make 1 more trip!) I'm really stocked up now, I was before, but we go through stuff so fast and the expiration dates last for a long time, so I couldn't help myself!
This morning I bought:

* 6 boxes of supreme brownies
* 4 boxes of lemon squares
* 5 boxes of granola bars
* 5 boxes of fruit snacks
* 5 bags of chex mix
* 3 toaster strudels
* 2 warm delights

Total Spent= $ 11.50 (still have a 10.00 catalina)
Total Savings=$ 81.57


  1. Emily, I am loving this Albertsons sale (which one don't I love...?). AND LOVING your blog. I just had 16 transactions...spent 80 and saved 425. I got like 50 cans of free biscuits and gave them away to friends. SO FUN! Miss you tons.

  2. Aud, I miss you too!!! I'm so glad you got out to get some deals!!! I need to be reinvited to your blog! Thanks!