Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MORE Alberston deals...

Yes, I lived at Albertson yesterday, honestly, I took a lunch break and then I didn't get home until 11:25 last night! I made 22 transactions throughout the day, and although worn out, it was a blast! I made a bunch of trips by myself, went out with my friend Angie later, and then all night spent it with Tammy & Annikan bouncing back & forth between our Albertsons. Here's my loot from those trips:

4 bagel-fuls= .06 each
4 chocolate milk = FREE
4- 5 packs of Mac n Cheese (20 boxes)= $ 11.00
4- boxes of capri sun = FREE
3- 32 oz mayo= $ 2.97 for 3
5- boxes of ritz crackers= FREE
2- bags of Ritz toasted chips= FREE
6- Easy mac cups= FREE
6- boxes of Triscuits= FREE
3 boxes of Wheat thins= FREE
3-bags of whaet thin toasted chips= FREE
4- Suave shampoo = FREE
4- bbq sauce= FREE
3- fun pack kellogs cereal= FREE
8- boxes of Velveeta shells & cheese= FREE
1- starburst= .64

Total spent $ 18.41
Total savings= $ 200.11


  1. wow that is great how do u do it I wanna know been wanting to save money where do u get all the coupons at I wanna know the great deals. U are amazing.