Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11th deals...

Oh, I love Albertson's. I didn't check on line this morning before I left to see that there were a TON of Kraft coupons! So, I printed a few more and went back. I bought:

4 bagel-fuls= .19 a box (used 2 IP's, 2 manufactured & 3 doubles)
2 Ritz crackers+ FREE (after in store coupon, manufactured coupon & Albertson's double coupon)
1- Wheat thin = FREE (used $ 1.00 IP & double coupon
1 BBQ = Free (just used $ 1.00 off IP)

Total Spent = $ 1.00 (including tax) My checker didn't do my double coupon right on my Ritz crackers so I made .25 in overage/ and then gave me a penny on my second transaction. Total should have been $ 1.26
Total savings= $ 26.92

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