Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 23rd deals...

At Walmart using doublers, I got:
(My cashier wasn't graet at doublers and before he started he said, "Please don't coach me." So I zipped my lips and let him do his thing- I got a little extra in overage! It killed me to not say anything- and at 1 point I did and he scolded me saying, "Maam" in a total parent voice- so I shut up!

10 -packs hot dogs= FREE
2- Frosting= fREE (overage absorbed cost)
2- ziplocks
2- mousse = 1.67
1- hand towel
2- crystal light= FREE
8- batteries= FREE
4- wet ones= FREE
1 hair gel= FREE

Savings= 37.50- my guess after doing the math. I can't find my reciept!

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