Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More June 30th deals...

Last night Angie and I went to Albertson's for 1 more trip before the double coupons ended. I'm really glad that she was buying the Easy Mac, because we found that they ended up being FREE with our B1G1 coupon! Yeah for a sweet surprise! I had a ton of coupons, so I picked up 40 cups.

Total Spent= .90 (tax)
Total Savings= $ 47.60


  1. Would you be able to explain how did you end up with 40 free mac&cheese if usisng B1G1 coupon you still have to pay for 20 of them?

  2. I was surprised when they were ringing up free too. This is how it worked. I bought 10 of them in 1 transaction (they were $ 1.00 each). My total was $ 10.00, then it subtracted $ 5.00 because it was apart of a deal going that week, so my total was $ 5.00, then I used 5 B1G1 free coupons, and they subtracted another $ 5.00 making my total .0

    I thought they would have taken the amount off after of the new price, .50 each, but they took it off the original $ 1.00 price! That's how they ended up being free!

  3. Thanks Emily,
    I am just learning about coupons. For example, I had B1G1 for mac&cheese and the shelf (in Albertson's) had $1 off of 2 the same item. So I thought I pay $1.29 for 2 instead of 1 and then use $1 off so my total for 2 mac&cheese should be .29.
    But because on $1 off coupon there is a sigh "no doubling" or something like it, Albertson's didn't let me use that coupon! So I paid $1.29 for 2 mac&cheese.
    What would you do in this case?