Sunday, March 1, 2009

February's Review...

Wow, it takes awhile to add everything up, but after doing the math, here's what February looked like...

Total Spent= $ 157.61/ or $ 39.40 a week
Total Savings= $ 1411.75

(I don't add in my normal shopping trips, like Costco etc.. but those are few anyway. I'm guessing my total would be $ 100 more a month, so around $ 250 a month for EVERYTHING for a family of 5/ or $ 62.50 per week. I'm happy with those numbers. ) I just wish all these fabulous sales would end, so I could shrink my Total spent numbers even more!


  1. okay, I am getting totally impatient here, do you know how much i look forward to your post and you haven't posted for 4 days, it feels like an eternity!! Anyway, i am sure your busy or doing something productive, just wanted to let you know i miss your post. -devoted reader

  2. ms. joann, i'm so glad you said something! i've been thinking the same thing!!! lol but seriously, emily, i love your blog and look forward to reading it everyday! hope all is well in your family!!