Thursday, January 1, 2009

A peek in the pantry...

I LOVE my little hide-a-way pantry that's tucked away from everything else. Of course we have to keep a lock on it because we have about a 1000 pounds of suger behind this door and the kids go wild when the door is open. But I've been able to tuck things away in here quite nicely.
I LOVE my peg board on the back of the door for so many reasons. It utilizes the space perfectly, I can see what I have, and when I'm feeling like my weird self, I just like to stand and stare at it for awhile. I wish I could put about 50 more of them up, but hey, space is limited!
I do LOVE to organize, and I'm huge on , shelving units, racks, and my favorite, wrapping empty diaper boxes with super cute paper, putting a label on the front, and using it for storage.

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